Winners of the Halfway to Halloween Giveaway

Today was the day we brushed off the Boo Bucket and picked winners in the HJ's Fave Things Halfway to Halloween Giveaway. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to: Anna who won the T.G.I.Friday the 13th T-Shirt from: Crazy Dog Tshirts Jenn who won the Black Sugar Skull Carnival Cup and

Winners of the “Ghost from the Machine” DVDs

All right, I was finally able to do the "Ghost from the Machine" drawing since the Internet cooperated and allowed HJ to stay online again so we could hold the giveaway. I used the Random Number Generator on to pick winners. We had a total of 13 entries. I assigned

Winner of the Trick or Treat Gift Basket

Well, this was it. The final giveaway, which makes me one very sad witch. It means it's the end of Halloween. Rats! Just when we were starting to have so much fun. Ah well, with any luck we'll be Halloween partying together again next year. For now, enjoy the last drawing vid.

Winner of the Crash Culprit Giveaway

Mr. Skull didn't stand a chance. Everyone who entered pointed the finger at him being the culprit of the crash. And everyone gave very convincing arguments for why they felt it was him too. Only one person thought he had an accomplice. (Mommy D, I loved how you found a way to