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Suicide Threat on Old West Ghost Investigations Hoax or Real? PLEASE HELP ME!

Okay, this is a cry for help on my part trying to figure out if (a) this is a joke, or (b) this is a legitimate cry for help and perhaps we can help this person.

I guess the following email (pasted below) hit my inbox Monday. It’s been another nutty week so I’m behind on my emails. I just now opened it.

Under Affilliates.

I thought you might like to see my Website, as where I am from has some great Haunted Destination Sites.

My Team and I would be more than happy to train and certify those that come to us for explorations of Haunted Locations.

This is just so that they can learn the proper techniques and protocols for doing investigations before ever going out into the field.

They will also get to learn the Equipment before ever going into the field as well.

I own a group out of Northernmost NM, called Old West Ghost Investigations.

Our URL is

If you ever want to do a story on us, then please let me know.

I will add that to our Media Links.

As well, I will send you a copy of our Banner at my alternate E Mail, as I am unable to send it via this E Mail Address.


M. Bryan


That was a nice email. I’m always looking for logo/banner exchange partners. I went to check out their site.

However, I found this VERY disturbing message when I got there:

Within 24 hours, this Website will once again be GONE.

I am Leaving Ghost Investigations and my Entire Life behind. I am Sick and Tired of NAME REMOVED and Angel of Thy Night Stalking my Family and I.

I have had Enough and am going to get Out of my life, one way or the other.

I Refuse to get Jobs, I Refuse to Work, I Refuse to Live, I Refuse to Breathe, Nothing matters anymore. All that matters is taking my own life, taking Myself Out of this Nightmare I seem to have inherited!

I am whatever Trash, Garbage, etc. that NAME REMOVED and Angel of Thy Night Proclaim me to be. I am a Fraud, Liar, Thief, etc. I am Whatever they want me to be, whatever they call me, it MUST be So!!!!!

I am SORRY for being ME!!!!

I APLOLOGIZE for EVER having been BORN!!!



Melissa Bryan was the name of the individual who sent me the email. I wrote her back asking her is she was all right or if her site had been hacked.

But I just did all of this. I don’t know if I would have found the same thing on that website if I’d checked Monday when I first got the email, but I’m not one to take suicide threats lightly.

Please, if any of you know Melissa Bryan or about the Old West Ghost Investigations and can help me figure out what’s happening, I really just want to make sure everyone involved is okay. I don’t know what to do or authorities to call, but I would. Suggestions/help welcome!

*This post was amended March 18, 2010 at the request of other individuals associated with this matter. For privacy and professional considerations I deleted one of the names mentioned by Ms. Bryan.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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6 thoughts on “Suicide Threat on Old West Ghost Investigations Hoax or Real? PLEASE HELP ME!

  1. Greetings!

    I don’t know Ms Bryan very well, but I notice she has a flair for the drama. She’s in a dispute with a few people over a number of things, she as of this time refuses to talk rationally to anyone about it and is convinced people are stalking her. This post I suspect is simply another in a series of attempts to smear the good names of folks she has offended and in a very big way.

    If you are curios I only ask that you look at both side of the issue. Otherwise I commend your concern, Ms Bryan sounds like she needs a friend or two . It’s a pity she cannot actually try to solve her so-called “problems,” in a sensible manner and actually communicate with people. If she did I suspect she would find people are not all the monsters that she claims. People as far as I know are not stalking her, what is stalking her seems to be her own imagination.

    Once again I thank you for your concern.

    The Odd Emperor

  2. I REALLY appreciate your comment. Last night as I thought more on this I did realize there must be another side to the story. I feel bad she’s let things dive to such a level. Mostly I was just worried because weird things happen. People leave suicide notes and next thing you know they storm off and kill others while offing themselves. I can think of 2 times I’ve seen that on the news at least. I wasn’t so much worried for others safety except her own. But I’d feel horrible if I’d known something and hadn’t made an effort to contact somebody who was in a position to stop it, you know?

    But after speaking with her and constantly getting “but” when I tried to offer solutions to her problems, I realized she’s in a phase where, as you noted, she’s not able to deal with whatever problems she believes are existing sensibly and solve them. It seemed to me she wanted the drama.

    I sure thank you for taking the time to share what you know! I was really concerned and am just relieved she’s okay. (Well, sort of. At least she’s alive and doesn’t seem legitimately suicidal.)

  3. Mellissa does this often. She goes off putting herself down and threatens to commit suicide . then the next day she is back like nothing happened. SHe’s done that dozens of times. So far, nothing has come of it.

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