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Possible Chupacabra in Poland

Very fresh, and very latest news from Poland to every fan of cryptozoology – there’s possible that we have real Chupacabra activity here, in the very middle of Europe! Courtney was excited to hear about it on Twitter few hours ago, so I decided to give you more details through Haunt Jaunts – behold, Nathan the Polish paranormal investigator is taking you for another trip ;).

Famous Chupacabra phenomena is not limited only to United States, Great Britain and Puerto Rico (from which this phenomena originated). For many years, only the western part of the world was “lucky” to have this weird activity going on, but in XXI century countries from all around the world started to report “goat sucker”.

Chupacabra, the phenomena of animals being killed and sucked out of all possible fluids is one of the most fearful phenomena considered as paranormal, and debunking it by saying that animals are being killed by dogs is not going to fix the problem. So what exactly is happening in Poland?

Last year (2009) there were few reports regarding few animals being killed in very weird way – all the fluids were literally sucked out through small holes within dead bodies – within paranormal teams, it turn attention to possible Chupacabra. Then, the mystery was not solved, and now, with the beginning of Spring, new animals are being killed once again.

In small village of Kornelin, Central Poland, people cannot sleep, being afraid of their animals that are being killed. This year, something new happened – there were reports of spotting weird creature – witnesses describe it exactly as other people from USA or UK – this leads us to stating the fact that we’re dealing with Chupacabra indeed.

From Leg to Gawlowo, to Sochaczewo, citizens of these villages are afraid and no one can explain what’s going on. So far, no paranormal investigation team was invited by local authorities to help in investigation, but here in Anomalium team, we keep our eyes on that mysterious case. We’ll see what we can find out within next weeks.

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  1. That’s interesting. I wonder why it’s never been witnessed before? It’s unlikely it just hitchhiked on a steamer ship. It could be a whole group of phenomenon people are blaming on chupacabras when it might be something else even more unusual. This subject always intrigues me. Glad to see other countries are seeing something similar. The more places, I guess the more chances of figuring it out and new witnesses.

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