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Party Express Stop: A College Witch’s Experiences

We’ve got another Spooktacular Halloween Blog Party Express Stop to make today. This time it’s to A College Witch’s Experiences.

Willow Silverhorse is the witch cooking up a cauldron of fun on this blog. In addition to being a witch and a blogger, Willow is also a college student. She found her way to HJ via Mrs. B’s blog and I’m absolutely delighted she did. I found another neat blog because of it!

If you like to be visually tantalized, you’ll like all the graphics that appear on her site. From her web interlaced header to all the fun logos gracing her sidebar.

But don’t let her blog’s good looks fool you. There’s substance to her posts. A prime example of that is one entitled “Will the Ignorance Ever End?” She discusses an article about a school in Washington that cancelled its Halloween celebrations because they felt it’s disrespectful to witches. (That’s a new one, isn’t it?)

And if you like books and would be interested in swapping some, be sure to check out her Book Swap 2010 page.

Today, however, if you swing by she’s doing an Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party

She’s honoring witches that inspire, be they real or fictional. She talks about two real life witches and one fictional that’s inspired her. She welcomes comments about the witches who have influenced your life.

Speaking of being inspired, if any of her posts prompt you to leave a comment, be sure to let her know Courtney from Haunt Jaunts steered you her way.




Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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