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Paranormal Around the World

What really fascinates me is different perception of paranormal activities, psychic abilities and magick practises in different areas of the World. Have you – living in your little corner of the Planet – ever thought that what you consider pretty normal, can be deadly somewhere else? Allow me to take you to another paranormal journey, and meet different ways to perceive the extraordinary.

Let’s start with United States – well, haunt happens :). Americans do have an open mind when it comes to reality of paranormal activities, psychic phenomena, yet they’re a little sceptical about magick and occult practises. I believe it’s because of all these TV shows about paranormal. When it comes to magick, they’re ready to accept Wicca, and nothing more. If you have thought that Yankee are sceptical when it comes to paranormal, think again – comparing to the rest of the world, they’re one of the most open minded nations.

Europe is divided when it comes to believing. Great Britain due to tons of paranormal activities, haunted sites, and psychics and research organisations, is the most open minded nation. They’re also quite open when it comes to occult practises. But most of the western Europe isn’t as open minded as British are. Forget the German guys – they’re worried only about their money, nothing else. Spain, French and Italy is ready to accept old witches practises and Tarot cards, but haunting and occult should not be mentioned in these countries. The very same thing apply to Poland – speak about Tarot and fortune telling, but not about haunting and other paranormal stuff. The further we move towards East, the more your mouth should stay shut.

Africa is what it always has been – a place where paranormal and magick should remain with the Shamans, and nothing else. In Asia, the old spirituality meets modern thinking. Haunting and paranormal in Japan “doesn’t exist”, psychic abilities in China might guarantee you will be locked in a jail, while the same things are very normal in India.

Australia belongs to pretty open minded countries, but you know… it’s Australia after all :). Tarot and one or two psychics they can accept, but nothing more than that. And don’t even mention anything paranormal in Islamic countries

How does things look in your country? Are your citizens open minded or sceptical when it comes to paranormal? Share your thoughts in comments, please!

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4 thoughts on “Paranormal Around the World

  1. I’m with you. Cultural perceptions of hauntings fascinate me. I went to a cemetery with a Tiawaneese friend of mine once and he said his mother would have killed him. In his culture, you must go to a temple a cleanse yourself after you visit a cemetery to avoid carrying spirits home with you. I’m in trouble if this is true.

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading these perspectives on international haunting. I can speak to the German side of things…I lived there for two years and have hosted three extended exchanges for my high school students.
    You’re right, I have to say that Germans generally don’t buy into the paranormal realm publically. Privately they’ll pull you aside and tell you an anecdote from their own experiences. Many will have at least one story that demonstrates that they feel that they may have had a visitor from beyond but they act like it’s an exception, they don’t really believe, and others are silly for liking that sort of thing.
    On the other hand, many German superstitions are perpetuated through tradition, especially those having to do with warding off evil spririts (masks at Carnival time, shooting canons from the old town fortification at New Years to keep the bad ghosties out). They do this more in the spirit that we carve pumpkins to keep out nasties at Halloween, fun, traditional, and few believe in the old meaning of it. Walpurgisnacht and the tradition of witches is still around in Germany. Witches are thought of as happy creatures and natural healers these days.
    The city/country that seems attached to the supernatural is Luxembourg. There legends concern a spirit that harasses drunks on their way home, a witch, and a werewolf off in the distant hills. These creatures are said to be around even in our modern times. I was just there a few weeks ago. Can’t say we saw anything!
    I love reading the variety of posts you have here on your blog. Can’t wait to read more. And thanks Nathan, for posting this guest blog!

  3. Thanks for the great post! Like Jessica, I find it fascinating how the perception of hauntings, psychic abilities, among other things are based on cultural, religious, and personal perspective. Here in America; it’s true that hauntings happen. Yet, many are either skeptical and/or keep experiences to themselves. Personally, I have lived in several actively ‘haunted’ homes. One was several years ago that I purchased near this area. The only issue? It was a bit irritating at times to see someone walking through the house, being unable to find car keys on the hook where they were always kept; and so on! 😀

    As always, Nathan; thanks for YET another great post!

  4. Culture change from place to place, but basic are a some. Are life after dead, but in different form, ghost are real like who don’t see but believe in GOD. Most idiot don’t believe and said never see a ghost who are not real or found some explication. Are mysteries who never can found any answer. Like evil and all demon are to real true, many not believe, because can’t see, but what about evil soldier? yes can see, human who loose any human value and are simple evil tool with very black hart and doing all damage possible to another human. USA have evil soldier in a power.

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