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Movie Monday (Rewind): “Dark Moon Rising”

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If you’re thinking I already covered Dark Moon Rising on Movie Monday once before, you’re not mistaken. I did. For a refresher, click here.

However, last week the movie’s writer/director, Dana Mennie, stopped and left a comment on that post. (Which I copied and pasted below.) He shared some additional info about Dark Moon Rising that I thought some of you might appreciate.

Specifically Julie and Autumnforest came to mind, because  both left comments about being werewolf fans. But maybe some lurkers were intrigued also. So…

In a nutshell, I know I was intrigued about the standing O at Cannes, the honorable mention from John Carpenter, and that Lionsgate had picked up it up for distribution.

No release date has been set yet, but I’ll be watching and Screamstress for updates on that. ( broke the Lionsgates story first, but Alison then picked right up on it. I normally follow her blog so I’ll likely see any further updates about the movie from her.)

I posted the trailer below Mr. Mennie’s comments in case you’d like to watch it again or haven’t seen it yet but are now intrigued.

just thought i would drop you a line re dark moon rising. the idea for this film was to reinvent the werewolf genre, tell the story in a fresh and new direction. i grew up on werewolf films and wanted to take a shot at telling the story in a way that had not been done.

i surrounded the project with the best actors that i could and centered the story in a location that had not been done before.werewolf flicks were alwasy inner city or forest, thus the desert. what a great setting to tell a story. anyways the film has been picked up domestically by grindstone ent, and will be released thru lions gate films

it recieved a standing ovation at the screening at cannes in may. multiple awards at the orlando horror festival, with honorable mention from john landis. and will bre released this year.

just thought i’d get my two cents in…….thanks for your mention of my film on your very cool site…

cheers dana mennie director, writer dark moon rising


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Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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7 thoughts on “Movie Monday (Rewind): “Dark Moon Rising”

  1. I do love them werewolf movies and this one looks pretty good. I have to admit that Dark Shadows’ Quinten Collins is still my favorite. I had a bit of a crush on him.

  2. Hi Julie! I’m so glad you said something. I never knew of Dark Shadows. I went to Netflix and was reading about it. It sort of sparked a memory of hearing something about it, but I never actually saw any of the episodes. So…I put that in my Netflix queue too. I gotta check this out. It sounds like something I would like! THANKS for sharing your knowledge!

  3. I admit to loving werewolf movies, but not so much the teen ones; however, this seems pretty easy to watch, so I know I’ll put that on my list. I admit that nowadays when I see a horror movie is about a group of teens, I roll my eyes. No substance, no soul, just ruthless killing and one good girl who waited to bang her boyfriend until the end of the movie… (sigh). Thanks for letting me know about it, though. I admit–I give every werewolf and Bigfoot movie a look-see.

  4. I feel your pain! When I was a teenager I liked some of those movies, but nowadays…give me something real. Give me something gritty. And for heaven’s sake if you’re giving me werewolves and vamps, make them scary!!!!!! (Okay, sexy is somewhat okay, but I want to be afraid of my monsters, not attracted to them.)

  5. Hey Harry, thanks for the FYI. Very interesting info. I’m hoping it’s just some misunderstanding too. I’ll keep my eyes open for what you find out. Thanks again for dropping by.

  6. Greetings once more fellow horror hellions:
    Upon further contact with LGF, I have learned that they have now sealed a distribution deal with the makers of Dark Moon Rising for a direct-to-video release, though a date has not been solidified as of yet. The reason the news is not appearing on the larger sites, it seems, is because it was not supposed to be announced by anyone until the studio had done so themselves. In keeping with their wishes, I will be keeping this good news under my hat until they have given the official word. As of their press release, I will be spreading the good word.
    Thanks for reading.

    Keep it Bloody,

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