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Movie Monday: HazMat

HazMat poster

I received an email from a rep at White Lotus Productions about a new indie horror movie they are trying to promote, HazMat.

“HazMat” won Best Horror Film at the Berlin Independent Film Festival and the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.  It also has been a selection of Shriekfest, Bram Stoker International Film Festival, and the Indie Horror Film Festival.


I took a look at the trailer and liked what I saw. (It’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure also.)

I grew up on slasher movies. I think they’ll always have special place in my heart.

But this one also added something else I’m fond of: reality TV.


HazMat is about a group of friends who set one of their friends up on a show called Scary Antics. Trouble is, the joke backfires and causes the friend to snap. He ends up wielding an ax to hunt them all.


Proof once again karma is a bitch, eh?


HazMat is currently available on VOD. You can watch it on iTunes, Vudu, or Google Play. Below are some handy dandy links to direct you to the viewing platform of your choice.!content/508275/Hazmat

It hits DVD on April 1, 2014. No joke. (Since that’s April Fool’s Day and all. Figured I better clarify that.)


Connect with HazMat on Facebook:

Visit the HazMat site:


Courtney Mroch
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