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Monroe Institute inspired Cross Correspondence with my deceased daughter

This post is by Steven Rumbelow.

I had to consider writing this article very carefully. In the final analysis I think it is valuable for parents of deceased children to have confirmation of the existence of life beyond death. This form of correspondence is considered good scientific proof and not something that would be easily invented by anyone with a heart.

Research performed at Ecole Polytechnic in France in the 19th C. established Cross Correspondence as a scientifically sound method of proving messages from dead subjects. It has been a rarely experienced but reliable phenomena.

A cross Correspondence is when the dead subject gives information to a third party that the party could not possibly know and that information is then confirmed by a second and third living party or by the existence of some kind of concrete proof such as a written or photographic evidence that has been stored by an unrelated party.

A famous example was when a dead person dictated a thesis to an unrelated party who then took the document to another party who was holding all the records for the deceased and a hand-written, never copied, document was produced that proved word-for-word that written thesis had been written and stored away in obscurity by the dead subject.

Another one involved a deceased audio engineer who, in a series of EVPs, showed the living “listener” how to adapt the equipment to improve the EVPs… beyond the technical capabilities of the listener.

Cross Correspondence is a part of the scientific paradigm for reliable confirmation of the phenomenon of the survival of consciousness beyond life.

In September of 2004, Marin, my darling 15 year old daughter, was killed in a car crash. I’ll never forget the horrendous act of identifying the remains of what my friends often described as Steven’s clone. She was my best friend and my life fell apart in the ensuing dysfunction of my grief. Indeed I’m still picking up pieces or have long since given up trying to avoid certain aspects of the natural act of grief.

Rachel, who I jokingly call my Executive Wife, came into my life about a year after and she helped me start to reintegrate my personal life, which really helped me to recover to a manageable degree of functionality.

I had no paranormal visitations from Marin since her death but was expecting it. It never came.

Throughout the first two seasons of Beyond, which were made prior to Rachel’s involvement in the series, I had run into a number of “psychics,” some who ruthlessly lied about messages from a girl on the other side.

One of them was talking about an angry female spirit at my side. I didn’t believe her for a moment but if I had I would have been damaged by that bad piece of theatricality. I quickly investigated and ascertained that my assistant director had told her about Marin’s death.

“I’m sorry boss. Did I do the wrong thing?”

I assured him it was cool and put her into my large list of deluded or fake psychics that I’ve come upon in my long engagement with the paranormal. Not to say that there aren’t real ones out there, but they do have to be verified and set apart from the “weeds”.

There was one psychic who I trusted because she had proved her “gift” to me on more than a few occasions. She told me Marin was happy but concerned about my grief. But even with her I didn’t know if it was standard helpful psychic speak for “everything’s okay… move on with your life” kind of thing.

One episode that never made it to air was our attendance at a Monroe Institute Work-shop on Binaural Beasts and Hemi-Sync. During this workshop there was an exercise that would get you whatever you asked for within 10 days from asking for it.

After that part of the workshop, on that day, the leader asked us what we had asked for. I explained that I asked for irrefutable confirmation that Marin was happy and above all “safe” on the other side.

The workshop leader said “That’ll take the full 10 days.”

I had actually forgotten about the date but on the night of the 10th day I dreamt that I met Marin at a crowded airport. I was looking around wondering why I was there and saw her looking at me and smiling from one of those half telephone booths. Her hair was all white and she wore a very stylish French beret. Much in keeping with the kind of hats she wore in real life.

She showed me her life and I met her new friends and we played skittles. Yes actual wooden balls and 9 pin old fashioned English pub skittles, which was a new found love for her and her new friends. I spent the whole night with her and every time I woke to go to the bathroom or whatever… when I went back to sleep I went back to the dream where they were all waiting.

Finally dawn was about to break and Marin took me back to the airport. It was sad. Then she turned to me and said “I want you to know about something that Mom made me do on my last visit to her that I never told you about because I didn’t want to tell you. Out of respect for Marin I will not reveal this highly personal information but I heard what she told me and then we embraced. She added one thing: that she could see me in life but not super clear… a bit like looking at something through a porthole window. She also said she was around and would continue to be… We said our sad goodbyes.

Next day I spoke to her closest confident in person and her sister Svea on the phone. I asked if what Marin had told me had actually happened.

Her confident said “I thought Marin never told you about that? She didn’t want to upset you.”

I said “So it happened”


I explained that Marin had just told me in a dream the night before.

The telephone conversation with Svea was a carbon copy. Almost word for word. I since had more confirmations from her closest friends. That night, for me, spoke reams about the Monroe Institute and confirmed that my daughter was safe, sound and happy. That in some way she was still alive in another “connected” reality that was accessible without the filter of conscious thought.

Marin Bow

Steven Rumbelow
Steven Rumbelow was born in Bristol, England, and has been a director in the entertainment industry for decades. He began in theatre in London and then started on films. His career has been a melange between media productions and theatre ever since. Rumbelow runs his own production company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Renegade Motion Pictures, which produced "Beyond," a paranormal series that Steven directed.

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3 thoughts on “Monroe Institute inspired Cross Correspondence with my deceased daughter

  1. Oh my goodness, Steven. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for you taking the time to share your deeply personal story. This explains so much. I know you’ve mentioned Marin before but now I understand a little bit better why you are so haunted by her death. BUT to have had this kind of an experience? What a blessing! And I’m not familiar with the Monroe Institute, but I want to say you’ve mentioned them before. I will be looking into them more.

    But to read about how you got to experience a cross correspondence for yourself, with Marin…all I can think is how lucky you are. I don’t know if many get to have such a gift like that.

    This post accomplished something else too, something I don’t think any other post ever has here on HJ before: it touched my heart even more than the paranormal aspect of it intrigued me. The “Beyond” part of it all is in fact intriguing, and learning about cross correspondence (something I knew of but didn’t know the name for) was fascinating, BUT…the intensely personal connection to how you came to know it? It had me in tears. What a very beautiful account. One I am so very honored you shared here. Thank you.

  2. Steven, I am so sorry for your loss, but also happy for your “gain”. While I know it would be much better for you if she were here how wonderful that you got irrefutable confirmation on her life after life. I can only imagine the depth of your pain and the peace you were given by the connection with her after her death.

  3. Thank you so much, Juli. I can’t tell you how much my grief subsided the day after that dream. So much happened on the making of those 52 episodes of Beyond and certainly by about 12 programs in I was convinced of the reality of life beyond death but my big question was “Does consciousness survive death?” That dream answered that question and confirmed for me that Marin still exists somewhere. Even if I can’t reach her I know she still exists… somewhere.

    The police that night called me from outside the house because they could wake me. As the phone was ringing I was waking up from a dream in which I saw Marin on a road in the dark with headlights bearing down on her. I said to the police on the phone “Is this about Marin?” and the policeman said “Best come down.” I felt that perhaps there had maybe been some telepathic link in that dream… not necessarily evidence of her surviving death. The accuracy of what I saw was confirmed by the terrible state of her body… so there were two things that I questioned… one was did her personality survive death and the other being was she safe in what often appears to be a predatory universe? That cross-correspondence revealed everything and, knowing me that I could look on the dream as wishful thinking, she had the presence of mind to give me the evidence I needed to prove the point. So it was very comforting. Like you say, it still hurts but that knowledge was a real gift from Marin.

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