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Haunt Jaunts Picks for the Five Best Paranormal Social Networking Sites


People often ask me where I find some of the info that I pass along. My number one source is Google Alerts, but I try to participate in as many social networks as I can too. People are always sharing interesting things that I can inevitably pass along.

But time being what it is (namely limited) and information being what it is (not always reliable or relevant), I’ve learned to focus my energies this past year on quality social networks rather than quantity of them.

Below is a list of the social networks where I’ve found the best info, amazing people who are eager to help and happy to make new friends, and that are easy to use. If you want to get even more connected in the paranormal community, I highly recommend getting social on these networks if you aren’t already.

5. MyPara The Paranormal Social Network

I forget to interact on this one more, but this is a neat place to meet paranormal people. I like all the different groups available to join and that they have an Events tab. The Polls are often fun too. And, I try to avoid the Arcade tab because it’s full of games. I’m one of those who has trouble pulling myself away to do what needs to be done if I start playing games so…it’s maybe why I don’t interact here more. Too much temptation!

But it is a great place to meet up with paranormal invesitgators and fans of shows. They also utilize a couple of other social networks to keep everyone in the loop and connected, such as:

Facebook – MyPara

Twitter – MyPara

4. Global Paranormal Network

This is a social network similar to MyPara, but over the last year I’ve watched Chuck Manning do a fabulous job grooming it to have it’s own vibe. Whether you’re a member of a paranormal investigation team, a paranormal blogger, or just someone with an interest in the field, GPN is a great gathering place. People can contribute blogs, share photos and videos, participate in forums, and much more. 

GPN also utilizes other social networks to promote itself as well as its members. Here’s where else you can follow them:

Twitter – @gparanormal

Facebook – Global Paranormal Network

MySpace – Global Paranormal

3. StumbleUpon

I didn’t exactly get how to use StumbleUpon until Javier from GhostTheory and Nathan from A State of Mind helped me understand it better. This is one of the ones I could spend hours on because there is SO much information to find (or “stumble upon” as the lingo goes), and it inevitably leads to finding new people. But it’s also a great way to share info and sort of “store” links so you’ll always have them. (I never know when I might want to refer back to something, so for me this is one of my most favorite things about StumbleUpon.)

2. Facebook

I really don’t know if Facebook should be number 2 or number 1. It’s really more of a tie between it and Twitter. Both are simply excellent for interacting with members of the paranormal community. Pretty much anyone with a paranormal show, group, or blog has a Facebook page and Twitter account. I think my favorite features are the Favorite Pages (both collecting them on HJ’s page as well as seeing the ones on other pages)  and being able to tag people in wall posts. (Which you couldn’t always do. It was one of FB’s better improvements.) And of course comments and the “like” button. What great inventions! How did I ever socialize before without them?

1. Twitter

I think I’m partial to Twitter and decided to put it at number one because it has been very good to me. I’ve found all kinds of extremely nice people who I’ve become friends with over the past year. I’ve had many interesting conversations, landed a few writing gigs from it, and learned of some neat books and movies thanks to it. Heck, I’ve even learned of a couple of new-to-me haunted places! And there’s something about being forced to say something in 140 characters that leads to some mighty entertaining Tweets amidst the information being shared. Plus, it’s got one of the largest, most passionate, and most active user bases among all the paranormal social networks.  So, it may actually be really more tied with Facebook (because it has a large user group too and there are tons of paranormal-related groups and pages) but Twitter ranks first with me.

Where do you social network? Make sure to friend Haunt Jaunts if you use any of the above and haven’t already.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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14 thoughts on “Haunt Jaunts Picks for the Five Best Paranormal Social Networking Sites

  1. Nice article.. But I have to Say MYPARA should be ranked as #10 .. That seems to be run by admins who seem to be in it for the wrong reasons.. The admins seem very one sided and like their ego’s stroked as if their team is the end all be all of paranormal teams.. Its impossible to get your group featured or recognized if you don’t have an in with the admins of this site.. To add insult to injury.. MYPARA is infested with ADDS ALL over the place, which really takes away from the any enjoyable experience this site once had.. To say Global Paranormal is like MYPARA is a insult to Global Paranormal. Its pretty much like day n night..Its obvious Global Paranormal site is not ADD infested and the information shared on an even level or playing field. The site well structured, organized better and the admin is very helpful and in it for the love of the paranormal field and the enthusiasm shows..

    Since there is such a lack of paranormal social community sites out on the internet its nice to have options but in all reality I’ve personally found Global Paranormal to be a true resource to the paranormal research field..

  2. Hey Ghost fan! You sure are passionate about Global Paranormal. LOVE IT! I guess I should clarify: when I said MyPara is like Gparanormal I meant in that they both started out as Ning-based set ups. But you bring up valid points in that they’re now laid out very differently. I would agree that GP is much more user-friendly and encouraging of user interaction. I can see why you like them best. I REALLY appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts.

  3. No problem Courtney! Sorry if i came off a bit strong, but with so few paranormal community sites out there its easy to get frustrated. Social media sites are supposed to encourage the community feeling where people come together to share thoughts and opinions.. Mypara unfortunately has lost that feeling simply because the admins and the moderators seem to be in it for profit and their own publicity. Its nice to find a site like Global Paranormal where that has yet to happen…

    Love the site and articles,

    Ghost Fan

  4. LOL No need to apologize, Ghost fan! You were just saying it as how you see it. NOTHING wrong with that! Plus, I know how I get when I get frustrated. Combine that with a passion for something and WHAM! You wrote from your heart. That’s awesome! Plus, you presented very good points. 😉

  5. There is another one.. I think this site is going to be the hottest social networking community for the paranormal enthusiast. This site is loaded with features, it’s free, and just one cool place to connect with others.

  6. Global Paranormal is not ADD infested???? Well, not sure what it looked like three months ago, but now it sure is ADD infested.

  7. I’ll have to go check them out again. Sadly I haven’t been over there in a while to see the site for myself.

  8. MyPara Ad infested? We have ONE ad! We have to pay for hosting somehow! 

    Admins in it for the wrong reasons? That would be TRUTH my friend, that is our one and only reason, to share truth. Excuse me, but I was under the impression that was the reason we were ALL in it for, to find truth? We showcase teams that seek that truth, not in it for fame or some crazy tv show that they will never see come to pass. Tell me, are you a plant for Global? For the record, MyPara was online and offering up truth LONG before Global existed. Sure, Chuck has a great site, but who wouldn’t when your charging membership dues to join. This is why he has fewer ads. I have the proof in Chuck’s own words so don’t even try to deny it.  As far as getting your team recognized, we offer you a FREE Groups tab to post in,  a FREE events tab to post in, a FREE blog tab to post in, a FREE photo, video and evp tab to post in, and any post in any of these tabs show up on the front page AND if that weren’t enough, we have always and still continue, to offer a banner space FREE OF CHARGE to any team who sends us a banner as well as an interactive map of paranormal teams if you would just take the time to enter your team info. We also offer up a forum thread for clients to post in who are looking for a team so you can answer them. How much more recognition would you like us to provide? I know, we could change the name of the site to your team name? I’m not going to get into a flame war with you, but I will defend my site to someone who has quite apparently, never seen it and is talking out the wrong hole. If we can not participate on the HUGE www without bad mouthing another site, in a fair competition for MILLIONS of members, to push another site, this speaks volumes about the poster. 

  9. Absolutely you are correct. Now a days, Social networking is very helpful for business especially Facebook and Twitter.  I feel that, Facebook is number1 and then Twitter is number2.

  10. I would agree, but surprisingly I get the most traffic from StumbleUpon. (It’s more than both FB and Twitter combined…) 

  11. Rick, I owe you an apology. I agreed w/ some points by Ghost Fan, but after reevaluating MyPara, well…I still feel it’s a good social networking site too and deserving of being a Top 5 pick. MyPara and Global Paranormal both do want to find truths and unite people interested in the paranormal. Shouldn’t be a competition about who’s site is better. They’re both great and glad they’re both there to connect people. So sorry the comments took a turn flaming your site. I should’ve kept the perspecive focused on the points you raised. Besides, what’s wrong with add infested? Good Lord, Haunt Jaunts is WAY more add infested than MyPara. 😉

  12. Nice article, thanks for posting it. But I have to say that you forgot one of the biggest and oldest paranormal social sites: The Paranormal Society,

    I’ve been a part of this site for awhile now, and the community is amazing. It is run by a staff that is impartial and doesn’t censor. The forum is huge. And the social networking options are great.
    MyPara is awful. But The Paranormal Society has been wonderful to me. I just love it and thought I would mention them because they really are fantastic.

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