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Haunt Jaunting Around the Blogosphere: Haunt Jaunts Becomes the Jaunt!

ghostly driver; image from stock.xchng
ghostly driver; image from stock.xchng

From time to time I like to Haunt Jaunt around the Blogosphere and point out noteworthy blogs. Today I have three: Para-Blog, Paranormal Curiosity, and Weekly Spectre.

It’s been a while since I grouped more than one blog into a Blogosphere jaunt (Halloween was the last time), but these three all came to my attention within the last week. Even funnier, they all came to my attention for the same reason: their bloggers let me know they’d featured Haunt Jaunts in some way on their blogs. Cool! Haunt Jaunts became the jaunt!

Naturally I went to check out their blogs. Here’s what I found they all share in common:

  1. All are newer, meaning launched within the last six months or less. (Phew! I was worried I’d somehow missed these before. Luckily that’s not entirely the case.)
  2. All have groovy designs/themes/feel.
  3. The content they have up totally appeals to my Haunt Jaunting sensibilities because all of them are ghost enthusiasts who are passionate about the paranormal too.

But they also stand out in their own ways.


Nate found me via Ask Doc Paranormal‘s blog (thanks Doc!) and is the one who contacted me from this blog, which is the Official Blog of the Paranormal Research Association of Boston. It allows its members a place to share their thoughts about investigations and discuss ideas.

One of the features Nate made sure to point out to me, which I’m glad he did because it’s totally up my alley, is they’ve started posting reviews of supposedly haunted inns and hotels, a.k.a. Spooky Stays in HJ speak. Their first offering was “New England “Haunts”: Colonial House Inn.”

However, I came across several other neat posts I liked, including:

  1. TAPS plans press release this week – It’s from a while back, but I’m always interested to see who has the Ghost Hunters number and hear their thoughts on the matter.
  2. PRAB Live! at the USS Salem, 9/19/09 – I wish I had known about this back then. I would’ve tried to watch! What a neat Haunt Jaunt! (They also posted something they possibly caught from the investigation: Did we catch something on the USS Salem?)
  3. Did you see what you think you saw? – This is actually one of the most recent posts and is about the reliability of eye witness testimony. It’s super well researched and thought out. I have a feeling I’ll be referring back to it for something that’s kind of been brewing in mind.

Nate and the PRAB crew sure live in a neat city for Haunt Jaunting and ghost hunting and I look forward to spending more time at this blog.

Where else you can follow PRAB: Twitter, Facebook, or via their YouTube channel.


Jenny Keller is the woman behind this blog. She left a note and a link on HJ’s Facebook Fan Page about how she’d written about Haunt Jaunts. (And consequently made a friend for life in me saying she not only loved it but had spent hours reading it. Thanks for that high compliment, Jenny!)

After I went to check out her blog I replied to her FB comment. She then explained that she’s just recently decided to spend more time on paranormal investigations and start a blog.

Like so many of us, she’s had unexplainable experiences –ones that have left her searching for answers. Now she’s on a quest to make sense of it all.

But that’s what really appeals to me about Jenny’s blog: it’s the paranormal through the eyes of someone newly exploring it. Which brings a certain freshness and energy, as demonstrated by these posts:

  1. Big Thicket Trip – A fun account of a Haunt Jaunt she made with a friend.
  2. Planning a  Trip to New Orleans – She’s headed that way for work but is planning on making time to jaunt to some haunts. If you have any suggestions, she’s open to them!
  3. Parapsych Glossary – This is a fantastic example that she’s truly searching for all kinds of info with which to educate herself on the paranormal.

I’m looking forward to seeing where else her curious mind takes her.

Where else you can follow Jenny: Twitter and Facebook.


This blog is different for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s a weekly blog.
  2. It’s part of an overall concept, Mommy D’s Kitchen.

Mommy D has many interests, which she indulges all via one website “hub.” (Which, if you like food and cooking, is also going to appeal to you. She also has Family Fun ideas and does a monthly giveaway. She’s got a lot of neat things going on!)

The Weekly Spectre is “courtesy of Mommy D’s darkside.” Before she became a SAHM she used to do paranormal investigations. With her little ones she doesn’t have the time anymore, but she still loves all things ghostly, so…she’s indulging it via her blog.

She’s only got three posts up so far, but I’m listing them all because I loved them all. Mommy D’s one MILTHJW (Mom I’d Like to Haunt Jaunt With)!

  1. Pursuit of the Paranormal: One Christian’s Perspective, Part 1 – This is actually a guest post by her husband. I found it fascinating and applaud him for sharing his viewpoint. Wish I met more people like this!
  2. Paranormal TV Pet Peeves – All I have to say about this is AMEN!
  3. Next big reality TV show… – I’ve read some great TV show ideas on other blogs too, and this one fits in with those. It kind of ties in with the Para-Blog post I noted about eye witness credibility, but applies it to a show in a “haunted” house. I see high entertainment value in it and would watch a show like this for sure!

Where else you can follow Mommy D: Twitter and Facebook.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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4 thoughts on “Haunt Jaunting Around the Blogosphere: Haunt Jaunts Becomes the Jaunt!

  1. Hey Court! Thanks for the great review and links! We’ll definitely be writing up more New England Haunts locations at Para-Blog, so please stay tuned!

    Your “para”normal pal,


  2. First let me just say that you are an excellent writer. I love reading your posts because the flow seems so natural.

    Second, I would Haunt Jaunt with you anytime, you rock!

    Third, thank you so much for such an amazing review on my blog. It makes me feel great to know that someone enjoys it and looks forward to it. Very awesome feeling. Hopefully I won’t disappoint! 🙂 Hubby wants to thank you as well, he was very flattered and has your blog bookmarked too! (yours is the first blog besides mine he has EVER read!!)

    A great big hug and a huge thanks for visiting my blog and your wonderful review!

    Mommy D

  3. Courtney, Thank you from me and Mommy D on the wonderful review and kind words. I hope to have Part 2 of my diatribe up soon on the Weekly Spectre.


  4. Nate, I am for sure staying tuned. I really desperately want to make it up your way to check out some of the awesome New England haunts, but until then I will jaunt vicariously through your posts!

    Mommy D, you just made yourself a friend for life in me with all those compliments. THANK YOU! I feel the same about your writing. It’s easy to read and just drew me in. And I loved your topics. Glad you liked my mini-review. I really enjoyed my jaunt to your blog and am looking forward to your posts!

    Patrick: THANKS for stopping by to tell me yourself thanks. I’ll be excited when you get Part 2 up. 😉

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