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Guest Blogger Lewis Powell IV to Take Us Haunt Jaunting Through Haunted Georgia

I’m really excited to announce something special that’ll be happening here on Haunt Jaunts this month. Lewis Powell from Southern Spirit Guide is going to join us as a guest blogger with a four part series called “Haunted Georgia.” Below is his introduction to the series.

Haunted Georgia—A Primer

By Lewis Powell IV

Other arms reach out to me;

Other eyes smile tenderly;

Still, in peaceful dreams I see

The road leads back to you.

–Stuart Gorrell & Hoagy Carmichael,

“Georgia on My Mind,” Official State Song

My love of ghosts was born in Georgia. One of the first books of ghost stories I owned was the late Kathryn Tucker Windham’s 13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey. It opened up the idea that ghosts could exist in my own back yard and not just in famous castles in Europe. Over the years my search has turned up ghosts throughout the state.

The ghosts of Georgia will always be my first love, therefore writing about them has turned out more difficult than I imagined. My personal list of Georgia ghosts runs to nearly 500 locations and some places I have personal connections with, so deciding what to write about has been a frightfully hard process.

Therefore, I’ve decided to discuss 20 hauntings that, at least in my humble opinion, paranormal enthusiasts should know about Georgia. Some of these have been explored by other authors while a few haven’t been well explored at all, though they should.


Each week for four weeks, Lewis will treat us to information about five of his favorite Georgia haunts. If you read Lewis’s blog (and you should if you don’t), you know he always presents thorough information. We’re talking exact addresses, if available, and loads of history and interesting facts.

He’s a brilliant writer and researcher and I’m tickled pink to be collaborating with him like this. I wish I could take the credit for it, but this idea was actually his. He came to me asking, “Would you be open to having guest bloggers cover the haunts in the areas where they live or first got interested in ghosts?”

The only genius I contributed was to have the sense to say, “Yes, please, I love your idea about such a set of guest blogs. Let’s make it happen!”

That’s what he did.


Lewis, in his impeccable and impressive thoroughness, has also provided lots of pics to include with his guest blogs. Like the one below for Barnsley Gardens Ruins, a haunt which he covers in the series. Enticed yet?

Barnsley Gardens Ruins - Photo 2008, by Hellohowareyoudoing, courtesy of Wikipedia
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