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Beyond Ouija: Apps, Boards and More

Photo from flickr photographer Terwilliger911

Nathan from A State of Mind got me thinking about ouija boards. He’s working on a new project and asked me a few questions about them.

It sparked a memory from when I was about 12 years old. I was in seventh grade and some girlfriends and me decided we wanted to mess around with a ouija board.


I think all kids go through this phase at some point. I remember thinking it was a pretty neat concept. A board that talks to spirits? Wow! I wonder what they’ll say? But I was also pretty skeptical. A board that talks to spirits? Yeah, right. That’s not going to happen.

Still, I wanted to see what mighthappen. So we got ourselves a ouija board (borrowed from one of my friend’s older sisters, if I remember right) and we let the experiment begin.

One of my friends flipped out before we even started and refused to participate. She was afraid of what we might unleash. I think she made us all think twice before proceeding (I know I did), but we went ahead and ouijaed anyway.

Of course nothing happened. We were the only ones moving that planchette.

I pretty much lost interest after that.


I’m sort of surprised I haven’t seen one being used on any of the ghost shows. Not even as an experiment to test it against some of the other more modern equipment being used.

I’m sure people have tried this. I haven’t been watching the ghost TV shows like I once used to so maybe I missed an episode where some team or another gave it a go.

But I’ve been following a lot of different paranormal groups and the various methods they use to try and find spirits and get them to communicate. Dowsing rods, cystals, compasses, PX machines, EMF detectors, K2 meters, digital recorders for EVP sessions, cameras galore, but I don’t recall any mentioning using a ouija board.


After Nathan asked, I got to wondering about them. Are ouija boards still around? I never seem to hear about them anymore. Is it because people think they’re a joke? Or are they viewed mostly as games or toys by kids and, like me, a phase people grow out of?

After doing some research I quickly realized ouija, talking spirit boards, witch boards, or whatever else you want to call them, are still alive and kicking in popular paranormal culture. Perhaps now more so than ever.

Below is a slide show I put together of all things ouija board. These are items you can buy on There’s everything from actual ouija boards themselves (which now come in a variety of styles, including glow in the dark and pink) to ouija cufflinks, cutting boards, and beer coasters.

I also found ouija apps. Yep, as in iPhone, iPad, iPod, available through iTunes, kind of apps. Links to them are also listed  below.


Place your mouse over an image to get more information about it.


“Ouija Board” Talking Board – Magno Urbano

Oracle Board ‘Ouija’ – Robert Soliday

Witch Board (“Ouija Board”) – Rick Blair

Amazing Ouija – App Euphoria

Ouija Board – Patrick Q. Kelly

Ask the Dead – The FORM Group

WeeGee – Branch Apps

Planchette – Cory Burke

Arizona Ghost Tours Spirit Board – Roie.Gat

WraithBoard – Pixelgami LTD

Ghost Board – Michael Weber

Ouija Pro – Gioele Luppi

mobileOuija – Mark English

Weej – Roslyn Robot Company

Ghost Seance – Prairie West Software Consulting

Spirit Board – MagicSeth Productions


Do you view them as just a toy? Do you think it’s appropriate they’re mostly sold in toy sections of stores? Do you think they’re dangerous and/or evil? Do you think they’re ridiculous, or do you think they have the potential to really work? Have you ever used one and successfully communicated with spirits?

Here’s what I think: I think a spirit would have a lot easier time understanding how to use a ouija board to communicate rather than somehow being expected to manipulate an electronic device like a PX machine to speak to us through. After all, modern technology baffles a lot of us who were raised with it. I can’t see 200 year old spirits just magically “getting it.”

A board, on the other hand, is more straightforward. However, manifesting enough energy to manipulate the planchette to move around might be an issue.

Mostly I think whoever invented the ouija board, whether it was intended to really contact spirits or was always just supposed to be a toy, had a pretty groovy idea.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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8 thoughts on “Beyond Ouija: Apps, Boards and More

  1. My opinion is simple – I see Ouija board as dangerous tool when used improperly by inexperienced person – like kids or teenagers. Even if summoning real stuff is rare, when it does occur, it requires a lot of effort to fix the mistake.

  2. We messed around with a Ouija board in college. One guy ran out of the room totally freaked out, asked him later why he ran out, and he said he felt like something was trying to get inside him. Tried again another night, the air around the board was ice cold…and I too felt something. I will never again mess with a Ouija board, they can conjour up some stuff you don’t want or know how to deal with.

  3. WHOA! That is some wild stuff, Happyappi. If I had an experience like that, I’d maybe not mess with it either again. (Or, knowing me, I’d be more intrigued I think.) My experience was so boring it totally made me lose interest.

  4. Since I’m lazy and not into effort, it’s best I not mess with them. Plus, I have a knack for doing stuff that requires clean up later…usually by someone else since I’m not experienced. THANKS not only for the comment, but inspiring the idea period!

  5. Many years ago when I was a kid my uncles and I played with a board just like this. Only to find out later on that inside my grandmothers house that paranormal activity began to rise when we had never had paranormal activity in the first place.

  6. Now that is some crazy stuff! Sorry to hear that. Hope you were able to eventually make it all stop. Were you?

  7. The Ouija, Evil Item or not it does represent part of modern day American culture. The board is not evil I have yet found a evil board however the person operating it could have some issues. In reality a can of Coke could do more harm, now if the person with the can of coke was evil what could they do with it.

    I enjoy the Hollywood in the board stories however I do treat certain unknown aspects seriously. Usually these aspects were present before the board entered the equation. Most times a board is introduced to get answers for unanswered paranormal activity . The Ouija is the first call.

  8. The Ouija is full of mystery, superstition and influence from Hollywood. Not that’s a bad thing but the reality of the Ouija is maybe not that exciting. For many years the Ouija was used for family fun much like playing Monopoly or similar. Its also interesting to discuss with collectors of Ouija boards and discover that there is no known evil act actually found caused directly by the Ouija. Mental health and the Ouija yes, just like mental health and a pointy stick.. The Ouija is a physical item usually made of wood or cardboard that is usually made in a factory somewhere at sometime. I saw the movie about a haunted car once but I am still able to drive one with out the fear of turning into a evil creature. Open minds guys don’t think to hard about the Ouija.One day we will discover how they work.

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