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10 Super Freaky (and Freaking Awesome!) Pool Statues

Last week when I shared the Bigfoot, Aliens & Other Beasties link on HJ’s Facebook page, I mentioned it’d be the first of about three Friday Fun posts featuring some of Design Toscano’s coolest sculptures. (Which may now grow into four posts. I keep finding other sculpture genres to feature.)

Anyway, for today’s Design Toscano Friday Fun installment I thought I’d do something in honor of Memorial Day Weekend. You know, since it’s the traditional kick off to summer and all. Grills, cookouts, and the opening of swimming pools. Rock on!

But beware before you dive in those pools. You might want to double check to make sure none of these freaky pool statues pictured below are lurking about.

Oh man, I (a) wish I had a backyard pool again like we did at our Phoenix house, and (b) had money enough to buy any of these statues. I’d for sure have cameras rolling the first time people came to visit. I’d love to capture their reactions upon seeing some of these. Especially if they were positioned like they are in some of the ad copy shots. Hysterical!

10. Castle by the Sea Sculpture

Okay, so this one isn’t freaky at all, but it’s cool so it falls into the freaking awesome category. And since I suck at building sand castles, I’d dig having this one to showcase.

9. The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Walking Crocodile Statue

Forget the people’s reactions, I know some dogs in our neighborhood who would bark up a storm at this intruder the first time they spotted it on our lawn.

I’d put him smack dab in the middle of the path to my pool too. Test people’s comfort zones by forcing them to walk past the croc.

7. The Gargantuan Garden Gator Statue

Love it! The hat and binoculars are not included, but I love the idea. Maybe I’d put gardening gloves and a gardening hat in its mouth and put it by my veggie garden. Or better yet, have rabbit parts dangling out of the mouth to serve as a warning to any bunnies who had any bright ideas about feasting on my plants! 

6. Snapping Swamp Gator Statue

Yep, he needs to be on the edge of the pool just like that. My pool’s version of a cabana boy!

5. Gator on the Prowl: Spitting Bronze Alligator Garden Statue

This is what I picture when I see this statue: someone swimming laps and, when they’re swimming back and not paying attention, moving this to the edge of the pool to greet them when they take a break. Guess I better be ready to do a rescue though. Wouldn’t want anyone to drown!


4. Crocodile Skull Sculptural Artifact

This is another one I think is freaking awesome. Dem bones, dem bones, dem crocodilian bones!

3. Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue

My husband probably wouldn’t appreciate me putting this in the grass and having to mow around it. It would make him super uncomfortable because he hates snakes. (But that just makes me want to put it out there without telling him its there and see what happens when he does go to mow!)

2. The Great White Shark Sculpture

He looks sort of silly coming out of the grass. I’d put him more like that snapping swamp gator above and perch him on the edge of my pool. Or maybe stick him through a raft and let him float in the pool.

1. Revenge of the Great White Shark Sculpture

Hands down this is my absolute favorite of them all. It’s a true “trophy” (as Design Toscano’s website copy describes it). It’s over eight feet long! I’d so display it just as they’ve done. Coming out of the pool, but maybe with some shredded shorts hanging from its mouth instead.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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11 thoughts on “10 Super Freaky (and Freaking Awesome!) Pool Statues

  1. LOL!  Your hubby and I have something in common, I would probably have heart failure if I came upon that snake in my lawn too, and once I knew it was fake, I’d hate having to move it to mow too.  I love the couple of the life-like looking crocs…might have to get me one of those to put near my pool area!  & the #7 gator pic is too funny!  #1 would definitely be a cool addition to my pool as well. 

    But then….none of my friends would ever come over to go swimming in my pool again…maybe I shouldn’t put any of these there, I don’t get many visitors as it is.  😉

  2. Do you have to own a pool to get these statues? I really like the python.   Can I just throw him by the swing set?

  3. I’d want one of those crocs if I had a pool…and if it could I’d want it to growl and hiss as if it were real just to scare the crap out of people.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO! Don’t put it by your pool if it will keep people away!!! Visitors are good. (Well…unless they’re not. Then these might come in handy. 😉 I love the #7 gator pic too. I think it’s so clever! THX for taking the time to look and comment. 😉

  5. Nope, no pool required. Swing sets would work too! You surprised me with the python pick, though. COOL!!!!!!

  6. OMG!!!! You and I think the same!!!!!! If they growled, snapped, moved somehow…that’d just be more awesome! For same reason. I’d want to freak people out!!!!! he he…we could be a dangerous pair put together. 😉

  7. HHHMMMmmm… do I detect a bit of a common theme there?  Just LOVING those crox – although you’d have to be careful in some places downunder here in OZ because they SO look like the real thing!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. LOL. Yes, I liked the crocs. I may not like the real ones though, so when I do visit Down Under I better make sure to steer clear of them! They would see me and start drooling!!!!

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