Be your own paranormal travel agent with our BOO-k It! section. (Emphasis on the “Boo,” get it?)

Here’s where you’ll find haunted hotels (coming soon!) and haunting tours offered by our affiliates.

  • Spooky Stays. Check in and stay a night or two at a haunted hotel. Coming Soon!
  • Tours. Learn about your destination’s history in a fun and informative way. Here’s where you’ll find regular ghost tours, as well as ghost tours with a twist (such as haunted pub crawls or haunted Segway tours). We also feature tours in unusual places (like dungeons) or with a non-ghost, yet still macabre focus (like vampires or serial killers).

Our links direct you to our affiliates, where you can make your reservations and buy your tickets to make your vacation the spookiest it can be. If you dare…

Happy jaunting!

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