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The Strange Case of the Much Maligned Luminescent Orb

This post is by Steven Rumbelow.

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It’s a huge subject.

As usual, the skeptics paint everything with the same brush. Fact is that it’s really easy to distinguish between orbs, lens anomalies, dust, reflected light and the real thing. Many of the non-phenomenal “orbs” captured on still cameras are lens shutter artifacts and you can see the same geometric shape in each of the orbs. Bugs also move in a slower and more erratic motion than phenomenal orbs. The trickier orbs are often reflected light from sources outside of the lens area, such as head lights from passing cars. But such lights have a pattern of movement that often give them away.

The phenomenal orb captured on video is far more difficult to debunk. It moves with direction and purpose and does not float on air currents or fall with gravity. The real thing is sometimes too fast to easily detect. The real thing is better captured on interlaced than progressive scan video. This would indicate extreme speeds because two fields per frame is more capable of capturing higher speed subjects. For example 30 frames per second on Progressive scan is not as reliable at capturing orbs as 60 fields per second.

They were first captured on video, to my knowledge, in a controlled environment on videos recorded by members of UCLA Parapsychology Laboratory led by re-searchers such as Dr. Barry Taff in the 1970’s. They compared them with bug flight patterns and luminosity and proved them to be very different to bugs.

On the Beyond TV series, we discuss the phenomenon on several programs and make a potential causal link through research performed at University of Kazakh-stan that link the orbs to human corpses … where orbs are captured leaving the corpses within three days of clinical death. After such time all brain activity in the corpse ceased. Normally the brain is still active in a state similar to REM sleep for up to three days following clinical death. Further to this we concluded a theory that orbs could be originally cerebral plasma and that the plasma of the orb was of an amount and weight to be consistent with the volume and weight of cerebral plasma in the living subject.

It appears that plasma orbs can be demonstrated to manipulate our Universe by manipulating what physics has accepted as the electromagnetic elements that are interwoven with light. i.e. Einstein’s “Spooky effect”. An effect that questions the theoretical limit of the speed of light being 186,000 miles per second and which has suggested directions leading to modern string theory and even T.O.E. (The Theory of Everything) in modern theoretical physics.

As to whether they are spirits or not… nothing exists to prove anything for certain but it is easily observable that these orbs have intent and purpose and are able to interact with their surroundings… they clearly make decisions as to directions they travel in and sometimes stop and change direction after some hesitation. They have also been identified by several researchers as well as the Beyond videos to be entering the body or cranium of subjects who almost always feel flushed, warm-cheeked and often become anxious when it happens. We caught this on camera four times through the series. We recorded the temperature of slower moving orbs with spot thermometers. They are generally about 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding atmosphere.

Regarding their role in the thinking process: The amount of cerebral plasma used by the brain to cross synapses and function the thinking process is about one gram. The Russians filmed plasmic orbs leaving human corpses crania one minute to three days following clinical death. After which time all activity in the brain ceases. (There is actually REM styled activity in corpse brains until the orbs leave.) After the orbs leave the corpses brains become completely inert and weigh about a gram less. The orbs on camera appear to be of the same type, behavior, luminescent quality and size as the generally captured orb phenomena. They have the ability to change speed at impossible rates and sometimes they are too fast for a video camera to catch at 60 fields per second and streak across the two field frame rather like a comet when they accelerate or stop at seemingly impossible speeds.

From our calculations of the footage the speed of the fast orbs reach over one meter per frame or over 1000 kilometers per hour (620 mph). We have no way of knowing what their top speed is.

Now here’s another little known fact/mystery about the genuine orbs. When they move fast they are traveling silently … at close to Mach 2 … and their ability to maneuver and accelerate defies conventional physics.

When information is matched to our transpersonal field experience with other plasma phenomena as well as current theoretical physics and other research into 19.2 degree theory in Torsion theory there is some very compelling indicators towards a reassessment of light, space, time and the interwoven force of EMF in light.

To dismiss the observable phenomenon of plasmic orbs as dust particles, light reflections or lens artifacts is terribly ignorant.

© Steven Rumbelow 2013

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Steven Rumbelow
Steven Rumbelow was born in Bristol, England, and has been a director in the entertainment industry for decades. He began in theatre in London and then started on films. His career has been a melange between media productions and theatre ever since. Rumbelow runs his own production company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Renegade Motion Pictures, which produced "Beyond," a paranormal series that Steven directed.

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