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How to Use Your TV for Halloween Decorating

You know you live in the 21st century when you can purchase Halloween Video Decorations.

If you’re like I was before I understood what they were, you might be asking, “What the heck is a Halloween video decoration?”

I’ve never seen one in real life. Like how I found the skelemingos, I came across Halloween video decorations as I was stocking the Haunt Jaunts Emporium Halloween Home and Yard Decorations section.

On each of their covers is the best description to sum them up: “Twisted Ambience.” Each one offers something different.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, here’s the description for the Possessed Paintings. It’ll give you an idea of what they’re all about. (Even though they all offer their own ambience.)

Haunted Masterpieces that reveal ghastly alter egos. This is the newest and coolest way to decorate for Halloween. Over 30 Portraits in this creepy gallery. Some slowly changing, others quickly change in shocking ways. Perfect conversation starter at parties etc. Includes a Favorite Mode, choose your favorite portrait to play continuously. Also includes the new PORTRAIT MODE!! If you want to really make a statement you can try this mode. (requires that you rotate your TV 90 degrees clockwise.) Put your own picture frame around the TV and make you a haunted portrait. Plays on any TV! Great for Flat Screens!! Happy Halloween!!

Can you imagine the possibilities? I can!

There are four Halloween video decorations so far:

Courtney Mroch
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