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Ghost from the Machine (a.k.a. Phasma Ex Machina): The Wait is Over!

Yesterday I was experiencing some server problems (Blogger, you better not have given my beloved WordPress your cooties!) so I wasn’t able to share some super exciting information that came to my inbox yesterday for Movie Monday. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Phasma Ex Machina for over a year and a half now. Or, Ghost from the Machine, as it has since been renamed.

Well, the day is almost here I can see it for myself. On July 26, 2011 it will be available from the following sources:


I can’t hardly wait! Finally, I will be able to see it. YAY!

I’m just glad I bought the original movie poster. The new face of the film is okay, but it was the original title (Phasma Ex Machina) and look that first appealed to me.

Here’s some other info the newsletter announcement contained for anyone else interested in this movie:

New Website and Store

We couldn’t do a proper release without creating a brand new shiny website and online store. As of today, you can pre-order your very own Ghost From The Machine DVD and buy loads of official movie swag. The artwork for the special edition DVD is in progress, but feel confident that it is going to be amazingly awesome.

Visit the new website:

Visit the new store:

Oh, and we would love it if you joined our new Facebook page.

They also have a brand new trailer. Watch it and tell me it doesn’t pique your interest too and explain why I’m so looking forward to seeing this movie.

Ghost From The Machine (2011) Trailer from Phasma Ex Machina on Vimeo.

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