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Fey Fridays: Faeries and Crystals

When it comes to the magical properties of crystals, many people might instinctively think about their healing abilities, their ability to cleanse negative energy from a room, or even help plants grow and blossom in ways water and sunlight alone never could.

For others, crystals are a means of interacting with an unseen world. Whether that be paranormal, spiritual, or something else, even faeries fit into the realm of “what can I attract with the natural stones I place on my windowsill?”

Faerie Wand/Fairy Quartz Crystals

Source: Lucid Crystals Store on Etsy

These quartz are very small, with equally miniature crystal clusters that jut out in every direction, giving them a “fairy sceptre” or “cathedral” look. It’s said that through careful meditation, combined with the use of fairy wand crystals, a person is able to access the faerie kingdom, as well as assist in soothing emotional pains and boosting creativity.

Its biggest benefit is the feeling of calm and a sense of carefreeness it offers to those around it, whether it be one owner or everyone in a household. Its gentle energy is a perfect, almost necessary addition to anyone’s in-home collection, especially if they struggle with things like mental health and anxiety.

Faerie Stones

Source: GAIA OAK BEE on Etsy

Formed from calcium carbonate at the bottom of a glacier basin, these stones are known for their soft, round shape, as well as natural curves and other designs in the surface. Not only do they increase your ability to connect with beings from the natural world, but they are beneficial when you’re trying to break a bad habit, organize your thoughts in conversation, and overall in helping to bolster one’s confidence and self-esteem. These stones are thought to be so powerful, even keeping one around can have a positive influence on the people you interact with daily.

Faerie Opals

Source: Fire and Earth Jewels on Etsy

Since the rise of ancient civilization and even into the modern age, opals have been used as methods of healing and other therapies. When it comes to faeries, though, these stones take on something of a more visual benefit: opals, particularly faerie opals, are king at luring faeries into your backyard, thanks to their stunning colors and shimmering surfaces.

To quote Cassandra Eason from her book The Magick of Faeries: Working with the Spirits of Nature, she suggests the following:

Because the fey love sparkle, put [faerie] crystals, pearls, precious and Andean opals, Australian boulder opals, chiastolite, staurolite, or [faerie] crosses in a dish. Silver, copper, bronze (an alloy of copper and tin), tin, and gold are also acceptable metals to faeries. Real silver pins are especially loved so the faeries might have something sharp to cut with (19).

Faerie Crosses

Source: Gems Jewelry Shop on Etsy

Staurolite, or “faerie crosses,” are minerals that naturally form in the shape of a cross, or contain growths/imperfections on their faces that resemble a cross. According to

“Staurolite often appears as two pieces which join together as a cross. They can appear as [a] 90 degree angle cross called a Maltese cross, or as 60 degree angle crosses, which are called St. Andrew’s Cross and look like an “X.”  Much rarer, there are staurolite which have both the 90 and the 60 degree crosses, and they resemble more a six-pointed star.”

Some of the first myths surrounding the origin of fairy crosses come from Gaelic legend, which claims that when some faerie races were once defeated in ancient Ireland, they were sent to live underground, and those who remained above wept tears of iron. Other myths claim they originate from the time faeries learned of the death of Christ, after which they wept tears that crystallized into the shapes of a cross.

Whichever myth one chooses, it’s universally believed that these unique stones offer strong protection against negativity including relief from stress, depression, etc., as well as a connection/grounding to the earth.

When it comes down to faeries and crystals, are there any gems you keep around for their supposed therapeutic properties? Are there any others you believe could be extra beneficial for you? Have you ever noticed something strange going on in your home after bringing home a handful of shining gem clusters? Let us know in the comments!

Kelsey Morgan
Kelsey graduated from Boise State University with a BA in Visual Arts, and is currently working as a freelance writer, while doodling anime on the side with one hand and petting cats with the other.

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