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Discussing Psychometry

Marilyn, one of HJ’s Facebook fans, asked about Psychometry the other day. Here’s what I told her:

YES, I actually know someone who has that talent. Sharon/Autumnforest of the blog Ghost Hunting Theories. Here’s a link (hopefully it works) to all the blog’s she’s written about it.

Another person who may know something about that is Nathan from A State of Mind.

And even Brenda Hooser, the Heart Centered Psychic, might be able to help.

The link to Autumnforest’s blog didn’t work because it was a “search results” link. But if you’re interested in reading how she does it, go to her blog and type in “psychometry” in her blog’s Search box. All the articles she’s written will come up. Very informative.

Via Twitter Nathan from A State of Mind shared some links to helpful posts he’s made on the subject:

Brenda will also likely have something to share. She was busy doing readings and we didn’t get a chance to connect before I left on vacation. (This is one of those post-aheads I warned you I’d do.) Perhaps she will leave some insights here when she gets some free time.

On HJ’s FB page I also added a new topic under Discussions – Psychometry: do you have it?

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts either there or here.

Courtney Mroch
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