6 of the Most Notorious Graveyards in America

We're very pleased to welcome Harry Parsons from Arcadia Publishing with this fabulous guest post about notorious graveyards. Enjoy! With Halloween fast approaching, it only stands to reason that our thoughts might be turning to ghost stories and creepy things in anticipation right around now. We’re wondering what we should dress

Most Haunted Mardi Gras Cities

Happy Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler! I thought it'd be fun to explore the most haunted Fat Tuesday/Carnival cities that I could find. Dare to join me? Let's indulge... New Orleans, Louisiana I think it's safe to say that the first place that probably pops to most people's minds if they

Addendum to Haunted New Orleans Trip Planning

When I shared the link about the reader seeking advice on trip planning to haunted New Orleans on HJ's Facebook page, I got a great comment from a Jaunter named Alyne. She lives in New Orleans and had some fantastic insights to share about enjoying the paranormal tourism there. She left

The Xs on Marie Leveau’s Tomb: Vandalism or Voodoo?

One of the most interesting things my ancestors showed me on their ghost tour of New Orleans was the cleaning of Voodoo Queen Marie Leveau's tomb. I spotted the volunteers setting up and receiving instructions when we first entered St. Louis Cemtery No. 1, but I thought they were relatives tending