Notable Birthdays and Deathiversaries Added to Calendar

We decided to add something new to our Calendar of Odd Dates: birthdays and deathiversaries. Whose birthdays and deathiversaries did we add? Great question! We're talking heavyweights who have created some beloved classic horror movies (both producers, directors and writers), as well as beloved horror book authors. But it's not just horror icons.

What You Need to Know about 2017’s Friday the 13ths

The New Year has begun and that means I'm updating some of the lists around here, like the Ghost Hunting & Etc. Events, Paracons & Horror Fests, and Calendar of Odd Dates pages. The last of which would would be incomplete without including 2017's Friday the 13th appearances, right? But 2017's

16 Haunted Attractions Open Friday January 13, 2017

Among the interesting things you should know about 2017's Friday the 13ths is that there are two of them. The first kicks off the New Year in January; the second takes place during Halloween season in October. Haunted houses of the Halloween variety will be in full swing during the October

Eight Horror Movies to Start 2017

Happy New Year! I thought a fun way to kick off the New Year would be to look ahead at some of the horror movies coming out in 2017. There's going to be a lot of sequels and remakes, which I'll cover in another post. But there's also going to be a

Winner of the #MyHJPumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Contest

I could've sworn we had two entries in the #MyHJPumpkin Jack-O-Lantern contest but when I went to check again today I only saw the one. So, when there's only one entry, that one automatically becomes the winner! Congrats to Holly Makitra and her porch sitting jack-o-lantern which came to us from our