August 2016 Caption This Contest

It's the first day of a new month and you know what that means: time for a new Caption This photo! This month's pick was inspired by a few Daily and Weekly observances I saw on Brownielocks: National Psychic Day (1st), National Psychic Week (1st-5th), and International Clown Week (1st-7th). How to

Are These Two Spooky Stays the Most Terrifying Haunted Hotels Ever?

The theme in my social media feeds the past week has been "haunted places that require waivers before you're allowed in." Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. So far I've had friends share just two such places with me, both Spooky Stays. But two haunted hotels in one week that require

Frightful Friday—The Cat Came Back

We welcome back guest blogger Mel Dawn with another Frightful Friday installment. This time about ghost cats. If you like it, be sure to let her know with a comment or a like. Thanks! Many cat owners don’t like to confess that they’re seeing things after Fluffy is gone, but could

Friday Fun: Tin Foil Hat Invasion Video

Yesterday I wrote about Week in Weird's Tin Foil Hat Challenge. What a hoot! I had a lot of fun fashioning a tin foil hat for both myself and Skellie. Oh who am I kidding? The challenge gave me a great excuse to goof off. Some people play with dolls. I

Ghost Hunt Weekends “Titanic” First

Where possible, I subscribe to notification emails for paracons and paranormal events so I can be sure to add them to our Paracons & Horror Fests page. One of the company's whose emails I subscribe to is Ghost Hunt Weekends. They recently sent a notice out about a one-of-a-kind/first-of-its-kind "Titanic" event

Forum Relaunched

I'm not sure anyone missed it, but earlier this year I took down the Forum. It never really got much action, as far as comments, but it did draw lots of views. Well, actually let me back up. It did get some comments. The spammy kind. Right before I took it