Most Haunted Mardi Gras Cities

Happy Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler! I thought it'd be fun to explore the most haunted Fat Tuesday/Carnival cities that I could find. Dare to join me? Let's indulge... New Orleans, Louisiana I think it's safe to say that the first place that probably pops to most people's minds if they

The Ghosts of Southern Africa’s Past

The following is a guest post from Oliver Hyde. Thanks to him, we're able to vicariously jaunt to Africa's southern reaches and get a look at some of its haunted places. I have been to southern Africa many times, but it was only recently that I found out this wild land

Movie Monday: Krampus

I was browsing the trailers on Hulu as I sometimes like to do and saw one for a movie that immediately caught my eye: Krampus. It's not often we get treated to horror movies around the non-Halloween holiday season.  Except for around Valentine's Day. That's always a good time of year

Jaunt to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

I wanted to save writing about our jaunt to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial this past summer for a special occasion. Veteran's Day presented the perfect opportunity. However, I wasn't able to get it posted in time, so sadly I'm a day late. I've always wanted to visit Normandy period,

Friday Fun: Pumpkin Blaster

A marketing rep from Pixel Bizarre contacted me about a free app (music to my ears) they have out: Pumpkin Blaster. It's designed for iPhone and iPad. Since their description so beautifully covers it, I'm copying and pasting it below: PUMPKIN BLASTER – BLAST THEM ALL! Blast as many pumpkins as you

Who’s Hiring for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner. (Mercifully. The wait for this time of year to come back around is always torture.) Anyway, with it comes new job opportunities. Need work? Ever wanted to unleash your inner acting beast? Have a penchant for retail? Here's three places you might want to consider