Featured Friday: Bigfoot on the Brain

The other day a recommendation popped up on my Kindle Fire for a new-to-me Bigfoot book: 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story (Volume 1).


This true story sets out to chronicle the terrifying encounters that a residential family has had with the creature known as Bigfoot. Accompanied by video, photographs, and audio evidence, the story is written in Christine’s own words as it unfolds. According to the Bigfoot investigator they contacted, “They aren’t going anywhere.” As the world gets more crowded with us, “They” are left with less and less habitat. They have learned to live in the shadows and pass through the forests by our homes. After reading this book just ask yourself, what would you do if this happened to you?

Caught my eye so after reading the blurb (above), I checked out the reviews. Mostly favorable. Added it to my Wish List.

Ever since our trip to Alaska last summer, I seem to keep seeing stuff for Bigfoot. Like when we were in Ketchikan and I was shopping. I came across a magnet I wasn’t expecting to find in one of the stores.

Ketchikan Bigfoot

Of course I bought it and now proudly display it on our refrigerator.

While we were on that Alaskan cruise, I kept scanning the forested shores from our ship’s decks for signs of Bigfoot. It looked like prime Bigfoot habitat to me.

For good reason. I remembered from the History Channel’s “Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide” and the sightings they’d reported that we were sailing smack-dab through Bigfoot country.

Does Bigfoot lurk in there somewhere?

Does Bigfoot lurk in there somewhere?

Looks like the kind of rocky beach others have reported witnessing Bigfoot-like creatures walking on, right?

Looks like the kind of rocky beach others have reported witnessing Bigfoot-like creatures walking on, right?

Such dense trees could hide and support a Bigfoot life form, yes?

Such dense trees could hide and support a Bigfoot life form, yes?

Then when we went to Puerto Rico for our most recent cruise we had to fly to Fort Lauderdale first. We had loads of time to kill before we caught the leg to San Juan so we went browsing in the airport shops. What do I see? Bam! More Bigfoot merchandise!

Get your rocks off with these chocolate-y Bigfoot beauties!

Get your rocks off with these chocolate-y Bigfoot beauties!

Hey, that looks an awful lot like the same design on my Ketchikan Bigfoot magnet…

Oh, and back to that Ketchikan Bigfoot. Back in 2011 there was quite the hubbub about someone supposedly catching it on video…shaky, unclear video of course. This About.com article sums it up best and also shares the vid, which was posted on YouTube and of course went viral.

Then today I typed in “Bigfoot” just for shits and giggles on Amazon. Did you know they have a Bigfoot Action Figure?

But wait, that wasn’t the only gem I found. You can also now scent your environment with a Bigfoot Air Freshener.

It says it “Smells just like a Sasquatch.” From some of the smells people report who have allegedly encountered Bigfoot, I’m not sure what this might smell like. Skunk? Musk? Wet dog?

However, there is also a Bigfoot air freshener on Amazon that specifically indicates it’s Pine Scented. It looks exactly like the other Bigfoot air freshener so I’m not sure if there is a difference. And I’m not sure I want to find out. The pine scent would be okay but I wouldn’t want to take my chances getting anything that smells like a musky, wet dog with a hint of skunk.

So what about you? Have you had any Bigfoot encounters lately?

“The Shepherd of the Hills” and the Haunted Ozarks

I’m usually very reluctant to tell people, especially dedicated church going folks, that I travel in search of ghosts. That was the case when our new neighbors moved in. They are very nice, but also very religious. I’ve had my share of being told what I do is evil, thank you very much.

However, they surprised me in a big way. There was no accusing me that my ways would lead me to the Devil. Instead, they enhanced my education about a haunted place I want to visit but have not yet jaunted to when they loaned me a book, The Shepherd of the Hills, Centennial Edition.

Calvin, our neighbor, had picked it up on a trip to Branson, Missouri several years ago.

That’s when they learned the Ozarks have always held a certain haunting mystique. Author Harold Bell Wright captured that essence in his book, which was published in the early 1900s. He wrote it after he’d taken a trip there and fell under its spell.

There’s a little bit of a ghost story to it, a little bit of romance, a dash of mystery, and a whole lot of spirituality. One of the things Wright tried to do was impart everything about the Ozarks to his readers. He describes, in oftentimes very poetic ways, the land’s beauty, but also uses the dialogue of its inhabitants.

I’ll admit, at first the dialogue was a bit rough to read through. But it got easier as the book wore on. I was sucked into the plot and charmed by the setting and characters.

Once upon a time this book was so huge it was made into a movie starring John Wayne.

I understand it was as popular as the book back in its day, but now, also like the book, is sort of a unknown classic.

The book also greatly influenced tourists wanting to flock to see this mystical and mysterious countryside. It had such an important impact that there’s even a book about that: Shepherd of the Hills Country: Tourism Transforms the Ozarks, 1880-1930s.

Like I mentioned, It’s not exactly a ghost story, but there are references to the dark things that dance in the hills and how one of the characters can see them and communicate with them. There’s also references to spirit lights and mist and how such things have always lived there and have been revered more than feared.

It ended up being a charming read, one that fueled my desire to jaunt to the Ozarks even more.

Haunt Jaunts on Temporary Hiatus

Hello all!

Due to a busy summer, I am temporarily suspending all posts until I can once again devote time to my beloved site. I hope to be back in July sometime or the first of August at the latest.

Thanks for your patience.



Shamans and Trance Mechanics

Shaman 03

Before Priests, before medical doctors, before psychologists, before faith healers, before dancers, before singers, before actors, before magicians, before historians, before differences… there were Shamans. In those days to be a shaman was to be all of the above. They were the first actors but what actors do you know that you would trust to heal you or teach you about gods or look into the future? None that I know of. Although there is still the vestige of hero worship that early tribal shamans enjoyed.

During the 1970s I conducted a number of transpersonal field experiments with Shamans from different cultures. For me it was a study of the anthropological roots of the actor. The big difference being that although actors and rock stars do exhibit the power to influence the public they didnt have the power to heal people, dance in trance on the edge of mountains, manipulate the environment around them, speak in tongues or convincingly channel “god” through their bodies. Shamans do all of these things often in a state of trance. What they often refer to as becoming a gate or doorway between realities.

I observed and interesting number of performance triggers that were common to shamans of very different cultures. Rhythms, “dances”, symbols, directions, colours, ways of expressing certain phenomena and something that I observed and called “literality” which was a mechanic they used in order to evoke the respect of their spectators. “Literality” was proof of superhuman capabilities which once performed would allow the shaman to pose conceptual issues and value judgements as facts and the audience who would now view him or her as superhuman and willingly to accept the abstractions being “presented” later. Well known examples of the Literality Mechanic include fire walking, Kris Knife Rituals, self mutilation without blood.

I likened these events to Bruce Springstein clearing a 12 foot speaker in one jump and then throwing himself on the floor and screaming “Im a prisoner of rock and roll!” Or Little Richard collapsing off his piano during a song. Iggy Pop or Gene Vincent damaging themselves in the grip of a passionate song.

I had observed shamans dancing on rocks with their eyes closed on mountain edges, seen shamans dancing with the wind whilst seeming to completely control the wind. Scorpion dancing. Snakes, knives, arrows… using so many instruments of death to open their dialogue with the spectators. Once they had the belief of the spectator they were able to heal them of lift their curse or whatever.

I felt sure that the trigger was trance and began experiments in several Universities. To see if trance was possible to evoke in  citizens of modern technological cultures. I performed investigations at the University of York (UK), Exeter U., Leicester Poly, The Actors Institute in Wroclaw, Dartington College, The Centre for Theatre Research, The Kalambur in Wroclaw, Northwesterns Communications Department, among others, and shared information with 7 other theatres involved in similar research at the symposium for the Frontiers of Modern Theatre at the Theatre Research Centre in Milan.

We even performed experiments with primates at London zoo to see if the communications techniques could work with different species. We developed a workshop program that put over 10,000 participants trough the program from 20 odd cultures. The outcome of the research which I shared with the Museum of Man (so it was then called) in Ottawa and 21 university departments which were mainly theatre and psychology or communications departments.

We discovered that there was a simple repeated action, a repeated genuflection of the spine, that would trigger trances in participants and it would take about three days to condition the subjects to that degree. We discovered a large amount of other useful “tools” on the research and found that if we kept the participants somewhat in the dark that they responded faster.

Whilst working with one biologist she noted that the genuflection of the spine probably created cerebral fluid pressure build up in the cranium. Her observation was that this created a chemical change in the brain and after questioning participants concluded that it probably elevated adrenaline which would speed up mental processes. Rather akin to when things slow down during the adrenaline rush of an auto accident. In slow motion at normal speed it allowed one to run up walls and fall without hurt. It allowed one to speak in tongues that really seemed to be linguistic. It allowed one to do superhuman leaps and yells. To perform  possessions. To fall and strike ones self. To sing loudly in key for the first time. To feel breaths of wind on the face and thus dancing with wind or fire. The list went on.

Add to this the time that one person diagnosed with MPD worked through her past in the trance and reconstituted her  personalities. I checked with her about 10 years later. She had become the Editor of an English newspaper and had never experienced another episode since that workshop.

I am sure that some of the religious and paranormal experiences which are described by followers are born from the trance mechanic. I am also convinced that this trance mechanic pulls on a lot more than just adrenaline and probably point to some deep mystical anomalies that we currently count as mysteries.

We found that over two thirds of the trance participants in our programs would experiece trance within three days of preparation. That they all professed to experiencing “slow motion” events and that about 80% felt that they resolved important issues related to themselves. About 90% reported the ability to perform physical feats that they were not normally capable of. They were never told that trance was a target or a subject of investigation until later. It became apparent that these ancient triggers where just as potent now and close to the surface even in modern urban subjects.

This research was to echo in several areas of the paranormal universe and show us the way in so many future investigations…

Top 25 Dark Tourism Spots Infographic

Check out this marvelous Top 25 Dark Tourist Spots infographic from Baltic Travel Company. This is one of the neatest dark tourism lists/infographics I’ve seen yet. There’s a few places on here I haven’t seen on previous lists. (Such as numbers 2, 9, 17 and 18.)

With a bit o’luck, in a few months I’ll visit #19 on the list. Have you been to any of these? Which ones would you like to visit?

The 25 Most Disturbing Places to Visit
Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

The Strange Case of the Much Maligned Luminescent Orb

Religion 104

It’s a huge subject.

As usual, the skeptics paint everything with the same brush. Fact is that it’s really easy to distinguish between orbs, lens anomalies, dust, reflected light and the real thing. Many of the non-phenomenal “orbs” captured on still cameras are lens shutter artifacts and you can see the same geometric shape in each of the orbs. Bugs also move in a slower and more erratic motion than phenomenal orbs. The trickier orbs are often reflected light from sources outside of the lens area, such as head lights from passing cars. But such lights have a pattern of movement that often give them away.

The phenomenal orb captured on video is far more difficult to debunk. It moves with direction and purpose and does not float on air currents or fall with gravity. The real thing is sometimes too fast to easily detect. The real thing is better captured on interlaced than progressive scan video. This would indicate extreme speeds because two fields per frame is more capable of capturing higher speed subjects. For example 30 frames per second on Progressive scan is not as reliable at capturing orbs as 60 fields per second.

They were first captured on video, to my knowledge, in a controlled environment on videos recorded by members of UCLA Parapsychology Laboratory led by re-searchers such as Dr. Barry Taff in the 1970’s. They compared them with bug flight patterns and luminosity and proved them to be very different to bugs.

On the Beyond TV series, we discuss the phenomenon on several programs and make a potential causal link through research performed at University of Kazakh-stan that link the orbs to human corpses … where orbs are captured leaving the corpses within three days of clinical death. After such time all brain activity in the corpse ceased. Normally the brain is still active in a state similar to REM sleep for up to three days following clinical death. Further to this we concluded a theory that orbs could be originally cerebral plasma and that the plasma of the orb was of an amount and weight to be consistent with the volume and weight of cerebral plasma in the living subject.

It appears that plasma orbs can be demonstrated to manipulate our Universe by manipulating what physics has accepted as the electromagnetic elements that are interwoven with light. i.e. Einstein’s “Spooky effect”. An effect that questions the theoretical limit of the speed of light being 186,000 miles per second and which has suggested directions leading to modern string theory and even T.O.E. (The Theory of Everything) in modern theoretical physics.

As to whether they are spirits or not… nothing exists to prove anything for certain but it is easily observable that these orbs have intent and purpose and are able to interact with their surroundings… they clearly make decisions as to directions they travel in and sometimes stop and change direction after some hesitation. They have also been identified by several researchers as well as the Beyond videos to be entering the body or cranium of subjects who almost always feel flushed, warm-cheeked and often become anxious when it happens. We caught this on camera four times through the series. We recorded the temperature of slower moving orbs with spot thermometers. They are generally about 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding atmosphere.

Regarding their role in the thinking process: The amount of cerebral plasma used by the brain to cross synapses and function the thinking process is about one gram. The Russians filmed plasmic orbs leaving human corpses crania one minute to three days following clinical death. After which time all activity in the brain ceases. (There is actually REM styled activity in corpse brains until the orbs leave.) After the orbs leave the corpses brains become completely inert and weigh about a gram less. The orbs on camera appear to be of the same type, behavior, luminescent quality and size as the generally captured orb phenomena. They have the ability to change speed at impossible rates and sometimes they are too fast for a video camera to catch at 60 fields per second and streak across the two field frame rather like a comet when they accelerate or stop at seemingly impossible speeds.

From our calculations of the footage the speed of the fast orbs reach over one meter per frame or over 1000 kilometers per hour (620 mph). We have no way of knowing what their top speed is.

Now here’s another little known fact/mystery about the genuine orbs. When they move fast they are traveling silently … at close to Mach 2 … and their ability to maneuver and accelerate defies conventional physics.

When information is matched to our transpersonal field experience with other plasma phenomena as well as current theoretical physics and other research into 19.2 degree theory in Torsion theory there is some very compelling indicators towards a reassessment of light, space, time and the interwoven force of EMF in light.

To dismiss the observable phenomenon of plasmic orbs as dust particles, light reflections or lens artifacts is terribly ignorant.

© Steven Rumbelow 2013

Next from Steven Rumbelow: Shamans and Trance Mechanics

Beginnings: The Brandon House Hotel

The Brandon House - The house today shows most of the rooms with the curtains closed 24/7, space rental signs and a general rundown appearance.

The Brandon House – The house today shows most of
the rooms with the curtains closed 24/7, space rental signs and a general rundown appearance.

My Mother and Grandmother decided when I was about two years old to take out a lease on a huge, old Georgian House at the centre of Bristol. It proved to be a successful attempt to drag the family out of poverty after my Grandfather deserted the family when he ran off to South Africa. He did this after becoming a multimillionaire with the sale of his successful chain of Rumbelow’s stores.

The Brandon House Hotel became a regular stop for celebrities like Cliff Richard, Lulu, TV stars, filmmakers, all the biggest Wrestlers of the day and a number of professors because of its proximity to Bristol University.

When we first moved into the house, I was sick with whooping cough and I remember it well because the fumes of renovation made me sicker and I was put on a camp bed in the kitchen. Whilst laying there at night, I would stare out at the light in the hallway, a bare bulb, and that is when I remember the sight of my first apparition in that house.

Although I knew nothing of cavaliers, I saw a cavalier take shape out of the streams of light from the light bulb. He turned and looked at me, removed his plumed hat and did a deep bow in my direction. I remember smiling because he was a welcome relief from the illness. I told mum about it and she didn’t think much of it. We were soon to learn that this was one of several anomalies that regularly haunted that house.

Once the house had been converted to a hotel, it was not unusual for guests to flee in the middle of the night, especially if they stayed in room number eight or anywhere on the top floor. Cleaners refused to clean on the top floor and I would help my mother clean and change bedding up there to the accompaniment of the room radios, lights and water taps being turned on and off. Guests also regularly complained about that kind of activity in every room and their watches and clocks not working properly.

The house provided a number of regular occurrences, many of them on a daily basis:

  •  A loud cough in one’s ear located anywhere in the house and several times a day.
  • A shadow creature in room number eight.
  • The Cavalier.
  • A smoking man on the top floor who was perverse and would turn lights on and off and wake you up in the middle of the night by bending over you. The smell of tobacco always pervaded the rooms.
  • The front door and inner door would open every day at noon unless the doors were locked.
  • Poltergeist activity on all floors and in all rooms.
  • Compasses didn’t work properly there.
  • Certain rooms became dark and heavy during the day.
  • Watches and clocks couldn’t keep time.
  • Strange smells.
  • Sounds of people in pain.
  • Lights, radios and faucets turned on and off in the presence of witnesses.
  • Visual anomalies included a large eye that would be seen at night in the dark and other peoples’ auras would become visible to people who had never previously been able to see auras.

My mother was great at turning it all into a joke. She would refer to the cougher as “’Ol’ Joe” and laugh every time it happened. Because of this, I was rarely scared by the events until the night that we decided to sleep in room 8. There was a shadow creature in that room and it was terrifying. Since then, I’ve come into contact with shadow creatures a few times. They are strange anomalies that I don’t much like but I have found that there are writings in works like The Tibetan Book of the Dead that offer very good advice, “Accept them for what they are, low forms, and rise above.”

The experiences at Brandon House were so rife that the family investigated the history of the house. They discovered that it had been built on one of the hanging sites that used to be on a hill overlooking the city of Bristol way back when. It was easily visible to the townspeople and the bodies would be left hanging until they fell from the ropes due to advanced decay.

My mother also started a nightclub there; the first proprietary nightclub in Bristol called The Triangle Club. She converted the cellar of the house to accommodate a ‘beat generation’ sort of cellar environment. We never experienced anything in the club. However, it was built over a well, which made sense later on as I discovered that water wells, holes, caverns and geophysical disturbances under haunted sites seemed to add to paranormal phenomena through extreme EMF spikes that would have an effect on the pineal glands of those living on the sites.

 The red doors lead to what used to be the Triangle Club. The proximity of the University tower is still clearly  visible.

The red doors lead to what used to
be the Triangle Club. The proximity
of the University tower is still clearly

My mum and Grandmother became tired of running the house and decided that they’d made enough money and sold out in the mid sixties. A local entrepreneur, Harry Harris, bought the business and we moved out. Two weeks later, Harry called and wanted to go back on the deal. There had been some violent reactions to his wife who was very spooked by the events and evidently, she was attacked by a number of flying plates while they were moving in. My mother suggested a more symbiotic arrangement with less dramatic reactions but Mrs. Harris was not willing to go back into the house again. Harry turned the club into a coffee bar and I would often visit there with my friends, socially. Harry would talk about the hauntings all the time.

In retrospect, until I was old enough to travel the city on my own, the hotel was my whole life. It was my playground and the place where I would act out films I saw at the cinema or on TV. The hotel was downtown and because of that, I had very few friends within walking distance and those who were close tended to be spooked out by the house. That isolation shaped my ability to write and, for sure, my ability to observe, which is essential for both investigation of phenomena as well as the ability to see behavior in society. This, combined with a sense of play and fantasy, were essential roads into my career as a director. The ghosts, of course, helped shape my interest in mysteries.

Years went by and I’ve visited the house and looked at it from the outside a few times. One time, in the nineties, I knocked on the front door and the person who came to the door said it had become a rooming house for students. The club had become a burger joint. The house was dark, drab and deteriorated. The woman who answered the door was obviously depressed and worn down by what I can only assume was the activity in the house. She was not interested in talking about the events in the house. She looked scared when I broached the subject so I stopped asking. One day I would like to return there and do a thorough investigation on camera.

To read more about Steven’s work with the paranormal please visit www.beyondtheseries.com.

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Steven Rumbelow Saturdays: Steven’s Introduction

In April I wrote that Haunt Jaunts would be welcoming “Beyond” series director Steven Rumbelow and a series of posts he was going to share about his experiences with the paranormal…and Beyond. I am very excited to present the launch of that series on this first Saturday in May.

Speaking of Saturdays, you may have noticed the title. For the duration of Mr. Rumbelow’s series it will be posted on Saturdays, which I’ve dubbed “Steven Rumbelow Saturdays.”

Okay, so without futher ado, please enjoy the first article in his series…

Journeys Through the Borderlands

An introduction to a series of articles by Steven Rumbelow


Steven Rumbelow

Steven Rumbelow

I was raised in a large 200-year-old regency house in central Bristol (UK) that had previously been built on an old hanging site. Being brought up in an extremely haunted environment established my interest in paranormal events. My mother was Catholic but told me at age nine that I should make my own spiritual choice by the age of 12. I chose to become a Buddhist and stayed with the Buddhist

philosophy until I could not logically reconcile the notion of reincarnation with an always increasing global population. I moved on to Zen, Taoism and eventually a general Ecumenical belief in the common ground between all religions.

When I left home and joined the theatre in my mid teens, I found a mentor in the owner of an occult bookshop where I was working in Worthing at the Connaught Theatre. She was the head of the Theosophical Society and encouraged me away from sensationalist aspects of the paranormal to investigate more of the natural sciences and philosophies involved in supernatural phenomena. Under her guidance, I moved on from the more dramatic stuff to which my youth was initially attracted.

Apart from being head of the Theosophical Society, she had also mentored a number of significant writers in the field and she had written a forward to Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, which had been abridged and republished by the Society.

She showed me Gurdjief, Ouspenski, Blavatsky and pointed the way to the roots of ancient myths, Shamanism and Physics. Concurrent with this, my Taoist mentor was showing me through science how mysteries have a practical and provable basis through simple examples such as the interaction between oil and soap in water.

These people combined with my mother’s task of choosing my own religion are what really started me on a life journey of investigation of what I call the “borderlands,” which are areas of investigation that can be seen to fall between the scientific paradigms, academically sound or medically proven anomalies. I have a deep respect for thinkers who increased the world’s knowledge banks through courage and intelligent observation who also seem to inhabit the “borderlands.” People like Dr. Llyal Watson, Karl Jung, Prof. Joseph Campbell, Tenzin Giatsu, Deepak Chopra, Prof. John Bell, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Barry Taff, Prof. Buddy Wynn, Dr. Ivoil Koutsarov and Dr. Colin Ross. Some of these people I have since worked with or maintained ongoing dialogues with.

My journey has taken me into jungles, deserts and remote areas working with five remarkable Shamans, one voodoo priest and performing experiments with people from over 20 different cultures on a mountain in Poland. I have also worked with Christians, Jews, Free Masons, Chi Dancers, Buddhists, Taoists, real mediums, medical doctors, physicists, psychologists, parapsychologists and academics. I am a drum and pipe carrier, an Anishnawbeblood brother with two native names and I have earned 21 eagle feathers from five tribes. I have investigated scores of different phenomena and processed findings with 11 Universities and Colleges in UK, USA and Canada. I also acted as an advisor for the planning of the Shaman exhibit for the building of the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa (then called the Museum of Man).

In the nineties, I decided to bring both my career as a filmmaker and my journey into the borderlands together in a 90-minute documentary called, Ghosts – Proof of life beyond clinical death. The documentary showed the up-to-date science of death and remarkable new science that shows life beyond death as well as proposing a thesis that explains many of the anomalies surrounding death. The Space Channel then invited me to produce a series based upon the documentary.

In 2004, I wrote, directed and produced the first of four seasons of the paranormal documentary series, Beyond. The 52 Episode series, which I refer to as my video encyclopedia, aired on the Space Channel in Canada and then Comcast in the USA. Now the series is available on DVD and in Digital Markets such as Hulu and Amazon, which has given the series new life with binge viewers.

I now intend, in between my feature film work with Renegade Motion Pictures, to update information on the series with one-hour specials and a book with reference information.

I believe the journey is as important as the discoveries. Answers always lead to more questions and the more we learn the more we understand how little we know. For me, it’s the journey and the quality of questions we decide to ask that shape us, that defines our futures and I mean “future” in its deepest most far-reaching sense. These journeys have led me to certain key conclusions that are inspired by good science; conclusions that support and prove life beyond death and offer some viable theories as to the environments that provide a perfect medium for paranormal events.

To read more about Steven’s work with the paranormal please visit www.beyondtheseries.com.

Next from Steven Rumbelow: Beginnings – Growing up on the 200-year-old hanging site of an historic British City.