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What’s Your Personal Primary Paranormal Sensitivity?

At a recent gabfest of Caper Company Researchers and Explorers, we told spooky and fun tales of our Haunt SCaper Company keeps a watchful eyepots experiences.   As we chatted, a thread emerged.  It became obvious that each person had an individual primary type of experience or interaction.  This primary type of experience was not the only thing that happened to people, but it seemed more predominant than others.

It comes as no surprise that if you’re in tune with atmosphere, one sensitivity will exhibit itself more often.  There are Caper Company Researchers who always seem to capture EVP’s or unexplained phenomena in photos.  There are Explorers who hear things, smell things, feel things… you name the sense or experience and there’s someone who tunes into it.   I’m going to call this your Personal Primary Paranormal Sensitivity – or PPPS, for short.

I’ve had various odd things happen when researching Haunt Spots.  For me, a common phenomena is buzzing from electrical interference.  How about you?  What’s your PPPS?  If it doesn’t immediately spring to mind, think about your answer to the question, “What’s your ghost story?”   How do you tell your story?  Is it of strange noises?  Have you ever captured something on film?  That may be your primary sensitivity.

So, I’ve told you mine.  What’s yours?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

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One thought on “What’s Your Personal Primary Paranormal Sensitivity?

  1. Great post! I’d never thought of it that way. I’ve known so many other hunters who experience a wide spectrum. What I do know seems to happen to me is that I’m a ghost magnet. It’s hard to explain, but once I go into a place and hush up my mind and maybe start to touch the walls and floors to tie into the history with my psychometry abilities, I attract things to me. This makes it possible to use the KII meter and experience a great deal of atmopsheric change. It always seems as if someone is trying to give me a message and I have to fight my logical mind so I can accept it. I have a tendency to protectively close my mind off so I can’t be accessed but when I open it, it’s like things happen. When we go on ghost hunts, folks pretty much know to stick near me if they want the action. I know as a kid in a very haunted house, I was real open to people’s problems and their hard histories. I think it made me compassionate in a way that comes across to the living and the dead. So, I guess ghost magnet is my wonderful title. Thanks for the interesting insight.

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