Courtney Mroch, HJ’s Founder & Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism

Courtney Mroch was born into a family that suffered from a chronic case of wanderlust. She’s been traveling even before she could remember. (She has the pictures to prove it!)

She’s also had an interest in the paranormal from the time she was a child and attended Cheeseman Academy in Denver’s haunted Cheeseman Park.

But it wasn’t until after a series of curious trips in the late 1990s, first to Utah’s Shilo Inn then to St. Augustine (in particular an incident at Harry’s), that she began “haunt jaunting” in earnest.

On weekends she’d cajole her husband into venturing to haunted places rumored to have paranormal activity. He was the one who started calling their excursions “haunt jaunts.”

She had considered writing a book called “Haunt Jaunts: A Travel guide for Restless Spirits” about their adventures, but before she could tackle the project she was stricken with cancer. (Stage 2 B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma.)

However, she decided she could create a Haunt Jaunts blog, which she used as part of her “Get Off the Couch Project” to motivate her recovery process. It worked. She sped towards remission where she’s happy to have been ever since.

Haunt Jaunts has evolved from a basic blog into a site where she stashes all sorts of paranormal tourism-related links, such as haunted places directories, ghost tour listings, and paracon events.

She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and their cats, Tigger and Lady Tabitha Tabbernathy Tabberkins Pryor (a.k.a. Tabby for short). When she’s not traveling, writing, watching movies, or reading, it’s a safe bet you’ll find her on a tennis court or yoga mat somewhere.

Kelsey Morgan

Kelsey graduated from Boise State University with a BA in Visual Arts, and is currently working as a freelance writer, while doodling anime on the side with one hand and petting cats with the other.




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These contributors aren’t deceased, they’re just no longer actively publishing on Haunt Jaunts. But their presence can still be felt. (In the form of their posts still being active on our site, via our Archives.)

Linda Moffitt,  Paranormal Historian and Researcher

Linda Moffitt is the author of two haunted places books, Washington’s Haunted Hotspots and Haunts of the Southwest, with a couple more in the works. She’s pictured above taking a break from exploring Nevada’s Virginia City Cemetary to pose for a quick pic. When she’s not traveling to haunted places and writing about them you might find her swinging from a trapeze or hula hooping. (She makes custom-made candy-inspired hoops at Sweet Shoppe Hoops.)

Wojciech Usarzewicz (we just call him Nathan), Foreign Paranormal Correspondent 

Nathan works in the field of paranormal in Poland. Beside tracking ghosts, he also explores psychic abilities and Norse runes. Blogger, non-fiction writer and social media geek, he writes blogs and e-books about the paranormal. (He puts all that together and helps people learn psychic powers at A State of Mind.)

Emma Rae Curtis, Halloween Guru

Kids around the world count down the days until Christmas but not Emma Rae Curtis. Ever since her first Halloween, Emma has been a huge fan of the magic that is Halloween. While raising her kids, Emma had the time of her life making Halloween costumes and hosting lively Halloween parties. Each Halloween her house is still decorated to the hilt making it a trick or treat favorite in the neighborhood.

Emma lives in Kentucky and enjoys blogging about Halloween, parties, food, horror movies, and anything spooky or strange. You can visit her Halloween blog at

Janice Tremeear, Author, Lecturer, Paranormal Historian, Medium and Reiki Master

photo shoot Dec 3-2

Janice has written four books for History Press to date. They are: Missouri’s Haunted Route 66: Ghosts Along the Mother Road, Haunted Ozarks, Wicked St. Louis and Haunted Jefferson City: Ghosts of Missouri’s State Capital.

Interested in all things paranormal from a young age, Janice is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Skiki Ryoho lineage and uses her skills in energy work,mediumship, dowsing and intensive historical research on locations she and her team, ParaNatural Research Association investigates. She has investigated several locations throughout Missouri and the surrounding states and has worked with other teams as well as training people in establishing their own investigative teams.

Janice gives lectures across Missouri on the paranormal and the historical significance of haunted locations in the state.