Welcome to our Screaming Room, a.k.a. our Entertainment Zone!

Here’s well you’ll find:

  • Movies – Thrillers, suspense, horror…and any other noteworthy movies we feel compelled to write about. Includes reviews and thoughts about everything from upcoming movies to new releases and oldies but goodies.
  • TV – Here’s where we focus on the small screen. Paranormal reality TV shows, series and documentaries…if you can watch it on your boob tube (or computer monitor), that’s what we feature here.
  • Books – Reviews and discussions prompted by the fiction and non-fiction we’ve read.
  • ParaMania Radio – We try to write recaps after each of our shows to give you an idea what you missed if you couldn’t listen, to share links or other info we may have talked about on air, and to provide the On Demand link so you can listen to episodes at your leisure. This is where you’ll find those recaps, as well as anything else we write having to do with the network.