Lose Weight with the Werewolf Diet?

A New Year is here. That means a lot of people will be making resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Once upon a time I used to resolve I'd drop

HJ’s Holiday 2017 Ghoulish Gift Guide

Have a paranormal, Halloween, or horror lover to buy for this holiday season, but you're not sure what to get them? It can be a little scary trying to find


January 31, 2018: Rare Super Blue-Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

I decided to add something new to the Weird Holidays & Observances section this year: Full Moon Names and Dates. Last year's total solar eclipse piqued my interest in astronomy, a

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Sleepy Hollow Farm Extends Stranger Things Experience

Are you a fan of Netflix's Stranger Things series? If so, then you've probably watched Season 2 and know what I'm referring to when I ask, "You know the rotting

Featured Friday: The Haunted Librarian Shines the Light on #ParaScammers

I discovered Lesia Miller Schnur, a.k.a. The Haunted Librarian, when both of us were named on Feedspot's List of Top 50 Paranormal Blogs. Not everyone on that list appealed to my