Jaunting to Dublin, Ireland

I don't know why, but Dublin evokes quintessential Irish city life in my mind. Whatever that means, since I've never been to Ireland before and "city life" isn't what most people associate with Ireland anyway. (Red-haired, hot-tempered, whiskey and Guinness drinkers with stories about Leprechauns who meet in the pub at

Movie Monday: Review of Midnight Son

In January 2011 I wrote about a then-unreleased movie called Midnight Son that had come to my attention. I had lamented about the vampire genre being like vampires and refusing to die. However, judging by the trailer, this movie showed promise of offering something fresh. I had forgotten about Midnight Son

Movie Monday: Midnight Son

I don't know why people are so fascinated with vampires still. Just when I think the genre is surely going to die, nope.  Along comes yet another film trying to put a fresh spin on it. A new vampire movie that came to my attention recently via Twitter is Midnight Son.