Macabre Museums: Vile Vacations Guest Post is doing something I wished I'd thought up: a Vile Vacations series. They're even accepting guest posts. The multi-talented Emerian Rich, a Horror Hostess at, was the one who gave me a heads up about submitting a Vile Vacations guest post. (If her name rings a bell and you think

Five Museums Dedicated to the Paranormal

I love visiting museums whether they're haunted or not. However, check out what I've discovered: paranormal museums! Five of them, in fact. John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal -  I found out about this from a post on Ghost Lounge some time back. John Zaffis has collected all kinds of supposedly haunted artifacts during his

Possible Chupacabra in Poland

Very fresh, and very latest news from Poland to every fan of cryptozoology - there's possible that we have real Chupacabra activity here, in the very middle of Europe! Courtney was excited to hear about it on Twitter few hours ago, so I decided to give you more details through