Are you a writer who also loves any of the following:

  • The paranormal in general, haunted places in particular?
  • Suspenseful, spooky and thrilling books, TV shows, and/or movies?
  • Halloween?
  • Travel?
  • History?

We’re always looking to expand our Skeleton Crew!

(Guest contributors welcome too. Details follow below for that also in case you’re just interested in that.)


Writers who can write about, but not limited to, topics like:

  • Lists  – Best of, Worst of, Spookiest/Scariest, etc.
  • Movie, TV, and Book Reviews – In some cases books will be offered, but you’re also free to pick your own to review.
  • Other Reviews – Ghost Tours, Haunted Places, Halloween Attractions and Events, etc.
  • Interviews  – With tour operators, Halloween venue actors or owners, authors, celebs, etc.
  • Paranormal and Horror Conferences and Events
  • Histories of Haunted Places
  • Travel Tips – The more geared towards travel to haunted places or Halloween haunts, the better.

At this time, we’re not currently able to pay. (Right now we make enough to barely cover hosting fees.)

However, here’s our goal:

  • We’re looking to increase output.
  • Increased output means increased page views.
  • Increased page views leads to increased affiliate revenue.

More writers contributing more regularly could help us achieve our goal.

When we do earn enough to pay, payments will be paid monthly via PayPal.


Click here to email TWO (2) writing samples to Courtney Mroch. (Or, if it’s easier, copy & paste court[@] into your email program, and just remove the [ ] around the @ before sending.)

Samples can either be links to previously published posts, or attached Word documents.


Don’t want to commit to being a full-fledged member of our Skeleton Crew, but are still interested in submitting something? Great!

We always welcome guest bloggers. Feel free to send us a pitch. See the “How to Apply” section above to get in touch.

We look forward to collaborating with you!