We’re looking to expand our team. Do you love any of the following?

  • Haunted places in particular, the paranormal in general (Including, but not limited to, ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoolgy, and other supernatural happenings.)
  • TV shows and movies about the paranormal
  • Books about the paranormal
  • Halloween
  • Travel
  • History
  • Writing

If you answered yes to any of the above, read on.


We’d like to bring aboard writers who can write about, but not limited to, the following:

  • Lists (Best of, Worst of, Spookiest/Scariest, etc.)
  • Paranormal Movie and Book Reviews (In some cases books will be offered, but you’re also free to pick your own to review.)
  • Paranormal Conferences and Events
  • Reviews (of Ghost Tours, Haunted Places, etc)
  • Interviews (of tour operators, Halloween venue actors or owners, authors, celebs, etc.)
  • Reviews of Halloween Haunted Attractions
  • Halloween Attractions and Events
  • Histories of Haunted Places
  • Travel Tips (the more geared towards travel to haunted places or Halloween haunts, the better.)

We’re also looking for writers who can contribute regular articles based on the following theme day ideas. (Also open to other suggestions.)

  • Movie Monday, Mystery Monday, Mutant Monday, Monster Monday
  • Travel Tuesday, Tip Tuesday, Terror Tuesday, Terrifying Tuesday, Twisted Tuesday, Trivia Tuesday
  • Wish You Were Here Wednesday, Wicked Wednesday, Weird Wednesday, Wisdom Wednesday, Witchy Wednesday, WTF Wednesday, Watch It Wednesday
  • Thriller Thursday
  • Freaky Friday, Frightful Friday, Friday Fun, Forum Friday, Feature Friday
  • Spooky Stay Saturday, Scary Saturday
  • Sinister Sunday

We currently can’t offer a lot, but that’s why we’re hiring writers. Here’s our plan in a nutshell:

  • We’re looking to increase our output,
  • which will hopefully increase our page views,
  • which will hopefully increase our affiliate revenue.

That’s our goal anyway.

Currently we generate between $8-$40/month. (Slowest months are January through March. Most profitable months are June through October.) The majority of revenue goes towards site maintenance fees. (The monthly blog hosting cost, domain name renewals, etc.)

That’s why we can’t offer a lot.


But we’re looking to change that.

If you want to join our mission to grow, here’s what we’re willing to offer until we’re earning more together:

  1. $3 for Monthly Top 5s. At the start of each month, we’ll review the prior month’s most popular posts. For any of your posts in the Top 5, we’ll pay you $3. (So if you had all 5 in the Top 5, you’d earn $15 that month.)
  2. $2 Monthly Top 3 Bonuses: The Top 3 posts each month will earn an additional $2. (Sticking with the payout example above: In addition to the $15, we’d add on $6 more for a total payout of $21.)
  3. $5 Top 5 Quarterly Bonuses: Each January, April, July and October, we’ll review All-Time Popular Posts. We’ll reward any writers an additional $5 for any of their posts in the Top 5. (So each quarter you have the opportunity to add on another $5-$25 to your January, April, July and October payouts.)
  4. Exposure. We’ll include your bio on our Contributors page (for regular contributors only), and, if you are a published author, we’ll include your books on Books by Our Writers page (for contributors and guest bloggers). You’ll also have another credit to add to your writing resume, and another place to showcase your work. (In addition to the site, we’ll share your work in all of our social media niches. Our Facebook has over 7,000 followers. Twitter’s got over 8,000. Plus we regularly share on FB & LinkedIn groups, as well as Stumble Upon.)

Earnings will be paid monthly via PayPal.


It’s good to have goals. Here’s ours:

  • To be able to expand from rewarding only the Top 3-5 most popular posts each month and quarter, to rewarding the Top 10 both monthly and quarterly once our revenue can sustain that.
  • To offer more than $3-$5 for qualifying posts.

Ideally, we’d like to pay for every post at some point. But we have to work up to earning enough revenue for that first.


And only if you can answer yes to the next four questions:

  1. Your heart skipped a beat with excitement when you read any of the above.
  2. You can commit to contributing regular materials. (Regularly means either once a day, once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. You must pick one and stick to that schedule.)
  3. 250 words per submission is no problem.
  4. You want to be a part of a fun, collaborative team.

If you answered yes to all of the above, click here to email TWO (2) writing samples to Courtney Mroch. (Or, if it’s easier, copy & paste court[@] into your email program, and just remove the [] around the @ before sending.)

Samples can either be links to previously published posts, or attached Word documents.


We’d really like to add on a few more regular writers to the lineup, but we always welcome guest bloggers.

The same pay structure as outlined above will apply to any guest posts we receive too.

So if you’re a social marketing dynamo or have a broad network that will net your post(s) lots of hits, you could earn yourself a little extra dough. What are you waiting for? Join us today! If you dare…