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Why Is Gags the Clown Haunting Green Bay?

Source: Facebook
Gags the Green Bay Clown. Source: Facebook

Have you heard about the creepy clown spotted on Green Bay’s streets late at night?

According to the Huffington Post article, “Why Is This Creepy Clown Haunting A Wisconsin Town?,” Gags was first spotted Monday of this week. He seems to be “haunting” the same location, meaning each time he’s spotted it’s been about in the same place as the first time he was seen.

WBAY-TV described Gags’ look as more Pennywise than Ronald McDonald.” His “outfit appears shabby and he’s carrying black balloons,” the station reported.

Not Wisconsin’s First Creepy Clown

This Gags clown isn’t the fist of his kind. Prior to him, there was another Wisconsin town being terrorized by a creepy clown.

Check out this link from 96.7 The Eagle: Creepy Clown is Terrorizing Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Carroll College Clown (as I’m calling him, not sure what he really went by), preferred a white mask and an orange jumpsuit. His identity, however, was not so mysterious.

Police say not to worry, they say they know who he is, a teenage boy.

Police are saying that the boy is “developmentally delayed and is just doing this to see people’s reaction. Both he and his parents were advised several times it would really help us out if he wouldn’t stand out there doing that.”

What Does Gags Want?

Other than freaking people out with his creepy looks and late night jaunts, he appears harmless. At least, he hasn’t hurt anyone. Yet…

No one knows what’s exactly up with him though. Many speculate it’s part of some viral marketing effort or other publicity stunt.

A Facebook page has even been set up for him: Gags – The Green Bay Clown.

It’s not clear if Gags set it up for himself, or if he’s already acquired a fan club who did it for him. It documents Gags sightings and shares all the stories being written about him around the world.

So Late

The thing that boggles me is how many people can Gags really terrorize on Green Bay’s streets? The first reported sighting was at 2 a.m. on a Monday.

Is Green Bay full of night owls or something? Where I live most people are fast asleep at that time of night.  Especially on a week night. We’d never even know a clown was around.

So why does Gags wander at that time? Does he suffer from insomnia? Maybe he’s sleep walking?

Is Gags Celebrating Clown Week?

Personally, I think Gags will be a one-week wonder. Did you know that the first week in August is National Clown Week?

It’s true. They have a website and everything:

There’s also a National Clown Day, which, according to the National Clown Day site, is celebrated the first Saturday of National Clown Week.

So if Gags disappears after tomorrow, we’ll all know why.







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