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What If “Get Out!” EVPs Aren’t What They Seem to Be?

If you’ve either investigated yourself or watched any of the ghost hunting shows, you’ve likely encountered a “Get out!” EVP. Most people assume it’s a ghost’s way of perhaps not-so-politely asking the living to scram.

It could be. Sometimes the “Get out!” comes in response to a direct question, such as “Do you want us to leave?”

Sometimes it’s not so much in direct response to a question, but comes as people are discussing their next move within an investigation. (i.e.Say they’re talking about going to another room, and when they replay the tape that’s when they hear the “Get out!”)

Sometimes it’s just out of the blue not in response to anything except the spirit seemingly being annoyed by people being there.

Whenever I hear “Get out!” EVPs, I always wonder if it’s the cut-and-dry meaning it seems to be. What if ghosts are truly trapped souls? What if they’re not trying to be possessive of their property or space? What if there’s something holding them there and “Get out!” is their way of trying to say, “Amscray before you get trapped too!”?

In short, what if they’re trying to help us and “Get out!” is all the warning they’re able to muster because they don’t have enough energy to go into more details? (Or maybe whatever’s holding them there won’t let them go into more details?)

Or what if they’re not asking us to “Get out!” but they’re asking for our assistance in getting them out? What if “Get out” is actually a plea for help?

It might be a long shot and a totally off-the-wall theory, but that’s just a little something I think about sometimes when I hear “Get out!” EVPs.


This is a link to a post on Ghost Eyes of EVPs captured during their investigation of Tybee and Moon River. It includes a “Get out” EVP. (As well as several other interesting ones.)

The following clip is from an investigation done by the New York Shadow Chasers at Knowles Hall. They shared it with me after I asked if they had captured any “Get out!” EVPs. I have a hard time hearing it, but what I found interesting was this description they gave of it: “the location [is] haunted by a ghostly security guard, so it was more contextual rather than menacing.” That’s another factor to take into consideration when trying to figure out just what “Get out” might mean.


This next EVP is super clear. I had no trouble hearing it at all. I have no background on it other than it was captured at Bluffs Head Cemetery. This is one of those “Get out!” EVPs that to me sounds more like a cry for help than a warning.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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6 thoughts on “What If “Get Out!” EVPs Aren’t What They Seem to Be?

  1. Great article. I also share these thoughts of what these are as well as other EVP’s could be.

    We have some from one of the houses at Tybee Island in Savannah. We were in the kids room about midnight when we found a woman’s voice saying “Get Out”.

    This made since to me not as a warning or with any meanness behind it but we took it as a Mom telling us to get out of the kids room so late at night.

    I agree about the use of energy to make sound so maybe “get out” is the best way to get their message out.

  2. Definitely good points to ponder! I hadn’t actually considered that such an EVP might be an attempt at a helpful warning to the living there, to try to save them from being stuck there…but I had considered that perhaps some might be trying to ask for help to “get out” or to “leave/leave here” (which are some others I’ve commonly heard) rather than intending to order the investigators to leave.

    I am always amazed by EVPs, especially when they are very clear and unmistakable.

  3. Ten people can listen to the same EVP but hear something completely different. The only ones that are clear enough for all to agree on what was said are the class A EVP’s. Those seem to be rare. Great post and article.

  4. Thanks for all the great comments.

    Residual…good point, Barry. Knew I was forgetting one.

    NYSC: Aw man! Now you tell me! (My fault for not asking.) I’ll have to figure out how to slow it down so I can hear it. 😉

    Ghost Eyes: Protective get out. Like it. Ghost mom protecting ghost child. Curious!

    Kimberley: I agree. Clear EVPs are always interesting. But Adsila summed it up best: most I just can’t decipher. True Class A’s are hard to come by.

    THANKS again for all the comments.

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