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What an amazing new Haunt Spot

Hello Haunt Jaunters!

Susan from Caper Company here.  I’m so busy running around Wisconsin doing research for haunted locations to explore, that my posts have gotten a bit few and far between.  Thought it was time for an update with some great news.

I met with some people who own and operate a place in Milwaukee’s south side that is reported to be haunted.  Not only did I confirm the rumors, but I got some great stories that hadn’t been told before.  The long and short is that these folks are up for being our newest Haunt Spot destination and are excited about  having us come in and explore!  That officially completes the route for a new Milwaukee area tour.  Now, it’s time to get busy on the audio scripts.

Speaking of amazing, I didn’t expect to see many Haunt Spots Explorers put their intrepid hats on until end of March / beginning of April.  But, low and behold, out of the blue yesterday, a gentleman from Racine picked up “A No Safe Haven Caper”.  He called because he and his wife wanted to head out that day, so I needed to get the tour components emailed ASAP.  I asked if he didn’t mind tooling around in the chill with snow on the ground.  They didn’t care in the least.  Apparently the cold weather is less a deterrent than cabin fever.  Add the lure of exploring places that are reported to be haunted and there you go!

Last year, my partners and I did a lot of Haunt Spots field research in March and April and it was chilly BUT I remember vividly how incredibly atmospheric it was too.  The trees are skeletal and the light is low.  On especially good days, there is a bit a mist.  Perfection!

The photo here is from a research trip that we took toward the end of March 2009.  When I was looking through those photos to pick one for this post, I noticed there were some at the tail end of the album of my cat and dog curled up on the couch in front of the fire.  Now, that’s really perfection.  The chill I get exploring ghost stories capped by a glass of wine, a fireplace and a cozy kitty.

Time to get onto writing those stories!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

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One thought on “What an amazing new Haunt Spot

  1. Hi Susan!

    Oh wow. Sounds like that Milwaukee spot turned out better than expected. How fun! And if you’ve been as cold there as so many other places in the country, I’m kind of not surprised you had a call before you expected. I think people are wanting to get OUT! And your tours sound so fun!

    But capping off any adventure curled up with pets next to a cozy fireplace with a glass of wine? sigh. Sounds delightful!

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