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This Photo From Last Night’s Tour Has Officially Freaked Me Out!

I have to jump on sharing this photo with you. My buddy, E. and her fellow intrepid Haunt Spots Explorers, S & K, were at their final haunted destination of the Caper Company Haunt Spots ghost tour they took last night. She captured this photo. No, it was not foggy. No-one saw this mist – just the camera.

There are goosebumps all over my arms again just writing about it!

I lucked out because this was the meetup group that started and ended their tour from my house last night. Which meant that I got to hear some of the great – scary – funny stories from the tour as they were fresh. Made me think – hey, I could go out at night with this group. Even me – Ms. Chicken-Head. They were fearless and smart. And it sounds like they had a blast.

But, this picture… It’s the ghost that keeps on giving long after the tour is over.

Oh, there go the goosebumps again.

Ghost Photo (?) From 10-16-09 Haunt Spots Tour
Ghost Photo (?) From 10-16-09 Haunt Spots Tour

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5 thoughts on “This Photo From Last Night’s Tour Has Officially Freaked Me Out!

  1. I admit that I usually toss out any photos where the mist begins at the bottom part of the picture like that. It’s more often than not cold breath from the photographer. It’s best to take the camera outside on a chilly night and get a shot of it so he can compare if that’s how it looks on his camera.

  2. Hi Autumnforest!
    That makes sense. It’s a neat photo, though. Evocative. Definitely helped amp up the sensitivity for the ladies on the tour – which is a bit what Haunt Spots are about. I’m relieved to leave the real ghost hunting to the experts – of which I most assuredly am not. Hopefully, just enjoying a fun, spooky picture doesn’t provide fodder for skeptics who are trying to undermine sincere paranormal investigators. That would be my one concern. A note to that effect might be a responsible thing for me to include if I post any other photos or such.

  3. Skeptics are always going to find a reson to debunk a photo. I have seen mist like that in person. Warm clear night. No reason for it to form. Middle of the road, Chest high four foot wide, in the middle of the road in Gettysburg PA. It was there one minute, gone the next. We didn’t even have time to get the camera, but it turned my husband into a believer.

  4. Good point there too, Patty. Well, we’re never going to make everyone happy. Hey – Gettysburg? I’ve heard that that’s a biggie for this sort of phenomena. Way cool. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or not for having witness that mist, though. I can’t imagine what I would have done. Never seen anything like that myself.

  5. I just went to an open house for a local ghost society here in Nashville last weekend where they were talking about how “mystery mists” are often caught on film and it’s usually from breath, like how Autumnforest said. And it’s really easy to do without even meaning to. They had a bunch of similar examples. (I mean, of mists that were caught but that were actually breath.) They said it’s natural for people to exhale when snapping a pic. And the cold weather, humid heat from the mouth creates a magnificent mist effect. BUT I cracked up because they’ve also had smokers get the same effect. They’re so used to smoking they don’t realize they didn’t really put out their cig and are smoking while getting a picture! It was only when someone with another camera or video who has captured them on it and proves to them they were smoking that they realize they were. It’s fun they had fun taking photos…and that they had their cameras on your tour. It’s a great idea to post what people find!

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