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The Voodoo Queen

Even after death, Marie Laveau works her voodoo magick. During her long life, not one person who knocked at her door was turned away. Now visitors and residents to New Orleans flock to her grave -knock on her door and leave an offering asking for help.

The Voodoo Queen was born on September 10, 1801. As a free mulatto and a Creole she married and had two children who died early on. A few years later her husband died and the Widow Paris as she was then called, bore seven more children with a man through the placage system. Two of those children survived past maturity.

As the years went on, she imported liquor, preformed as a nurse, and became a  spiritual healer. A few years later, she started to be known as Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. By the 1870s she withdrew and devoted herself exclusively to the Catholic Church. Her daughter Marie Laveau II continued with her mother’s Voodoo practices.

June 15, 1881 Marie Catherine Laveau passed away. Some called her a saint, others a witch, today she lives on as both, that is if she ever died. Take a tour of the cemetery and visit the Voodoo Queen yourself.

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Linda Moffitt is the author of Washington's Haunted Hotspots and the forthcoming Haunts of the Southwest. Find her online at

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  1. FANTASTIC post, LInda! I really appreciate you stepping in and sharing this at this particular time too, since I’ve had so many problems with my computer crashing and all. And then to share one of the best stories around…absolutely PERFECT pick for this time of year!

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