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The Spirits of Christmas

christmas ghostI am privileged to hear wonderful and personal ghost stories, especially at this time of year.  They range far and wide in tone — from mild to bone-chilling.  Most often during the holidays, they are downright sentimental.

It seems that when our need for human contact and kindness is most keenly felt, our loved ones sometimes find a way through.  They may be just a breath to let you know that you are still loved and that there’s a connection that will never die.  Sometimes, there’s more — much more.

These stories delightfully cross all bounds of age and experience.  I have a sentimental love of nursing home stories where a long gone (from this realm, anyway) wife or husband will make a comforting nighttime visit.  Or where a person will swear that they felt the familiar fur of a loved and lost pet brushing against their leg just when they needed them most.

In some stories, it’s not always necessary to have known the person.  There are connections from ghosts who  find a corporeal being who has an attractive spiritual energy.  There may be unfinished business or a simply a desire to connect which finds you giving of yourself versus receiving.  In the stories I hear and my own personal experience, the best always seems to happen when you release fear and are open to this moment of peace.

Your connection may arrive gift-wrapped as a memory.  Try letting it linger.  It may transform into a connection that you both will cherish.  Once you’ve each offered your gifts of solace or love, you say goodbye.  Seems to be all the karma that’s required.

When a sparkle of otherworldly joy may be just the right gift this year, it could be  waiting for you.  Say hello to your Christmas spirits and share some quiet meaning.  And keep telling your stories.

Wishing you peace, love and happy haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Caper Company Tours LLC

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2 thoughts on “The Spirits of Christmas

  1. That was wonderful! I have lost so many family members and at Xmas time I always think of our family Smorgasbord which was the favorite thing of all. I try and have a Smorgasbord spread on Xmas Eve just like the old days, but each year, I leave the marzipan pig (the candied prize for the person who finds the almond in the hasty pudding), out on the counter wth pictures of my lost family members. I always like to tell them that it’s Smorgasbord time and to come and get the pig. Nothing happens, of course, but one year, I woke up to find the pig had moved from the middle of the circle of pictures towards my father. That was pretty exciting. I always place him like the 12 o’clock position–just in case, to see if he moved. Absolutely the best Xmas gift ever!

  2. I love that idea. Find photos and put them out at Christmas. I pack everything away together – books, videos and decorations. And every year it’s great to open those trunks. If I pack away some select photos, I just know I’ll forget about it eventually. Then, what a flash of great memories when I open those trunks again on December 1st.

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