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The Actors Who Still Haunt Hollywood

In my other guest, “Haunted Hollywood and its Haunted Actors,” I wrote about how actor Dick Christie lives in the former home of Buster Keaton, who still seems to be lingering about the place.

Buster is not the only celeb that returns to this plane of existence. The ghost of Marilyn Monroe has been seen checking out her reflection in the lobby mirror of the Hollywood Roosevelt while upstairs, Montgomery Clift, paces the hall outside his former room with his bugle rehearsing his lines for “From Here To Eternity.” Psychic Peter James also received a message from the ghost of Clark Gable here; the hotel was the site of the very first Academy Awards.

Marilyn also returns to her favorite Las Vegas resort, the Boulder Dam Hotel. Nearby, the employees of an office building are being perturbed by the ghost of TV comedian Redd Foxx. The structure used to be his house!

Back in Hollywood, the ghost of Orson Welles returns to his favorite restaurant, Sweet Lady Jane’s. His apparition had been seen by both patrons and employees.

The ghost of John Wayne has been seen and felt on his old yacht, The Wild Goose.

Erroll Flynn likewise has been heard partying on the Zaca, his old yacht.

Character actor Lionel Barrymore still returns to his to his Hollywood home.

Silent Film actress Thelma Todd has been seen and felt in the garage where she took her last breath.

Silent film star Rudolph Valentino haunts his old mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Actress Virginia Rappe, a young starlet believed murdered by comedian Fatty Arbuckle has been heard crying and weeping near her grave at Hollywood Memorial Park.

George Reeves supposedly haunts the house in his “Superman” costume where he committed suicide.

The apparition of Peg Entwhistle has been seen and detected by her perfume under the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee where she jumped to her death.

Ozzie Nelson of the series “Ozzie And Harriet” haunts his old home.

And the list goes on…

William Collins
William C. Uchtman has spent much of life listing haunted locales from across the world. He is the author of “Volunteer Ghosts,” a book dedicated to listing obscure haunted houses in Tennessee. He is also the creator of the Collinsport Ghost Society website (The Collinsport Ghost Society, a fictional ghost society for fictional haunted locations from television and the movies. He also maintains or is affiliated with the following websites: * The Nitpicker Society for Dark Shadows * The Official Guide to the Mythological Universe * Unsolved Mysteries Wikia * The Our Gang Wikia * The Marvel Appendix

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