The Fascination with True Crimes – and Lizzie Borden

I'm pleased to welcome back author Chris Verstraete to Haunt Jaunts. This time we're one of the stops on her book blog tour. Chris, who also writes as C.A. Verstraete, has a new book releasing Tuesday September 13, 2016, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter. Poor Lizzie. "She took an axe and

Media Monday: Fear the Walking Dead

Fan of AMC's The Walking Dead? Want more of that type of genre? You're in luck! Apparently production has begun on AMC's newest installment: Fear the Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead is made by the same people responsible for The Walking Dead and will be a "companion series" airing Summer

What if 12/21/12 Brought…

...the end? Well, that'd be the end. Not much you can do about that. Although, it is the end --of a cycle in the Mayan long count calendar. But we all know I'm being cheeky. A lot of people have interpreted 12/21/12 as being THE END. For all of humanity and the

Friday Fun: Zombies Ice Skating

Oh my gosh, I love when I find unexpected gems. I was scanning the YouTube home page the other day looking through things people I follow have liked. TheScaryVisions had liked a video by hauntedillinois666. That name intrigued me so I clicked on through to their channel to check it out. That's