Spirit of Cooperation Award

I'd like to take a break from my regularly scheduled haunted travel type posts to talk about the paranormal community. Something struck me the other day and now I have to get it off my chest. How many times have you seen competition within the paranormal community? (In an ugly way.)

Who Wins Team GAC vs Team TAPS Numbers Game?

Okay, so yesterday I wrote about Team GAC's Twibbon supporters versus Team TAPS. A cool little bird who's very in the Ghost Adventures know told me I was mistaken about numbers. While there is this GAC Twibbon with 216 supporters, there's also others: This Ghost Adventures III Twibbon has 423 supporters. This Ghost

Are You Team GAC or TAPS?

The Twilight Saga has Team Jacob and Team Edward, but it's not the only paranormal phenomenon with sides. More and more I've noticed fans pledging their loyalty to what I've come to think of as Team GAC (a.k.a. Ghost Adventures) or Team TAPS (a.k.a. Ghost Hunters). Where have I been noticing

Haunt Jaunts Makes a Top 10 List

Yesterday the Top 10 Blog included @HauntJaunts in its list of Top 10 Twitter People of the Day. I didn't know that, though, until @JaneCys sent me a congratulatory Tweet with a link to the post. I'd seen @TheTop10Blog's Tweet mentioning me along with @BarryckR, @paperspaints, and @BloggingBlog, but there was