Friday Fun: The Escape Game Nashville

My husband and two friends of ours went to the Escape Game Nashville a couple months back. I decided it would make a great Friday Fun post, even though it doesn't exactly have to do with anything paranormal. Still, it was a little creepy being "locked" in a room with only

Halloween Things to Do in Nashville

Today I added a couple of local events to the Paranormal Events page and felt bad. Sometimes I forget about all the things to do in Nashville, especially the haunted and Halloween variety. It seems I get focused on researching our next big trip and forget about the daytrips available

Paranormal Events for Week of Jun 4-10, 2012

  I've been getting more and more paranormal event invites on Facebook. Sometimes I remember to share them on HJ's FB page. Other times I don't. When I don't share them I feel bad. I want to help spread the word when I can. I'm just not always consistent about it. I thought

Discovering Ghosts in My Own Middle Tennessee Backyard

What interesting things I learned today at tennis from the girls on my team about ghosts right here in my own backyard! They all know about my spooky little blog, but I never really talk about it much with them. I tend to keep my writing stuff to myself unless