Winner of the Trick or Treat Gift Basket

Well, this was it. The final giveaway, which makes me one very sad witch. It means it's the end of Halloween. Rats! Just when we were starting to have so much fun. Ah well, with any luck we'll be Halloween partying together again next year. For now, enjoy the last drawing vid.

Winner of the Crash Culprit Giveaway

Mr. Skull didn't stand a chance. Everyone who entered pointed the finger at him being the culprit of the crash. And everyone gave very convincing arguments for why they felt it was him too. Only one person thought he had an accomplice. (Mommy D, I loved how you found a way to

Winner of the Shining Your Light Contest

WOW! I was SO excited to see all the entries on this one! When I opened it up to multiple entries, you all entered galore! GREAT! To pick the winner for this one, I dressed as a gypsy and gazed into my crystal bowl. (Yep, you read it right: bowl. I

Winner of the Zombie Cocktail Contest

I apologize for being late posting the winner of this contest. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but I ended up being distracted. Sheesh! Talk about being a pot stirrer...(Or "shaker" as the case may be. You wouldn't know it to hear me talk, but I do know sauce needs

Friday Fun: Mr. Skull’s Last Performance

  Mr. Skull may be one of the culprits that crashed my computer. He had a reason to be mad at me. He didn't much like this video I made of him, which, thanks to a data rescue feature on my fix-it disk, I was able to retrieve. Now you may not

Whodunit? – Pick the Crash Culprit Giveaway

If you've been following the Haunt Jaunts Spooktacular Halloween Blog Party festivities from the beginning, you know that early on (like right at the start) there was a big hiccup: my computer crashed. What I didn't share was some of the events directly preceeding the crash. I'm going to share them now and