What’s Up With My Streetlight?

Our bedroom windows face the street.  There is one particular window that attracts my attention most nights.  It used to be in the attic, but when the former owners of our 137-year old house gutted the second floor, they opened the ceiling up to attic rafters.  It’s a wonderful, airy

LM’s Halloween Haunt Spots Adventure… Part 2 – Are They Not Alone?

And, LM’s Halloween Caper Company Haunt Spots Exploration continues… (More ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooosts!) After WP, we stopped for food at this AMAZING Indian restaurant about 6 miles away from the park. Tiny place, looked kinda sketchy from the outside, but it was incredible. (Royal India Restaurant. Tell your friends.) Two of our group pulled

An Excellent Halloween Haunt Spots Exploration

Caper Company's newest Guest Blogger “LM” — now known as the Infamous LM of Haunt Spots Tour Leader Extraordinaire fame -- has shared her wonderful write up of their Halloween Haunt Spots ghost tour exploration. Enjoy, part the first … (ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost! — read on, you’ll get it…) Susan