The Phantom Bodies Exhibit

Valentine's Day was the last day for the Phantom Bodies: The Human Aura in Art exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. I've been meaning to write about the exhibit ever since we went to see it in early December, but...well, between the busy holidays and getting Shadow People

Friday Fun: The Escape Game Nashville

My husband and two friends of ours went to the Escape Game Nashville a couple months back. I decided it would make a great Friday Fun post, even though it doesn't exactly have to do with anything paranormal. Still, it was a little creepy being "locked" in a room with only

Halloween Things to Do in Nashville

Today I added a couple of local events to the Paranormal Events page and felt bad. Sometimes I forget about all the things to do in Nashville, especially the haunted and Halloween variety. It seems I get focused on researching our next big trip and forget about the daytrips available

Haunted Tennessee

This is a guest post by William Collins (who also writes as William Uchtman). If you like this story and are on Twitter, let him know by sending a Tweet via @Thor_2000. Has anyone noticed that in the whole history of “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures” or even in the sadly short-lived “Ghost