The Fascination with True Crimes – and Lizzie Borden

I'm pleased to welcome back author Chris Verstraete to Haunt Jaunts. This time we're one of the stops on her book blog tour. Chris, who also writes as C.A. Verstraete, has a new book releasing Tuesday September 13, 2016, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter. Poor Lizzie. "She took an axe and

Strange Escapes “Witching You Were Here” Cruise

I write about my love for cruising a lot here on Haunt Jaunts, so it's no wonder this Strange Escapes event caught my eye: “Witching You Were Here,” a Paranormal Cruise from Salem to Bermuda, May 25th, 2017-June 2nd, 2017. Well, to be honest, witches, ghosts and cruising all caught my

Haunted Hotels in Cape Cod

Earlier this year I put a call out on HARO for romantic haunted places. I was intending to write a Valentine's Day article, but that was right when I got sick so that post never happened. However, that's how I "met" (online at any rate) Bill, the PR rep for the

One Researcher’s Haunted Top Ten

This is a guest post by William Collins. Since I was eleven years old, I’ve been keeping expansive lists of haunted houses. It started out on a yellow pad, moved to a journal that I rewrote and reworked over the years and now has been gradually transferred to series of lists