Mothman, Owlman…What’s Flying Over Chicago?

What is happening in Chicago? Why are so many people suddenly spotting flying anomalies? Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? It's definitely not a plane or Superman, and if it's a bird, it's a new, as yet unidentified, species. What am I talking about? Something interesting that Fortean Researcher Lon Strickler from

6 of the Most Notorious Graveyards in America

We're very pleased to welcome Harry Parsons from Arcadia Publishing with this fabulous guest post about notorious graveyards. Enjoy! With Halloween fast approaching, it only stands to reason that our thoughts might be turning to ghost stories and creepy things in anticipation right around now. We’re wondering what we should dress

Elgin’s Graveyards New and Improved Tours

Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, Illinois recently announced a new tour, Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive, and an improved one, Elgin Cemetery Ghost Hunt Van Tour. The new Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive is a three hour tour that meets at Bluff City Cemetery. They allow tour goers to

Paranormal Events for June 11-30

Well, I'm already going to start cheating a bit on my weekly paranormal events reports. Maybe "cheating" isn't the right word. "Modifying" my approach may be more appropriate. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot going on for this week. Then I decided maybe it'd be better to give people

Movie Monday: Chicago Fear Fest Still Accepting Horror Movie Submissions

Have you made a horror movie? If yes, Chicago Fear Fest is looking for folks like you? The following is copied from a press release I received earlier this year. --- CHICAGO’s newest indie horror film fest announces a call for entries! CHICAGO FEAR FEST APRIL 13-14, 2012 MUVICO THEATERS ROSEMONT 18 ROSEMONT, IL CHICAGO,