The Fascination with True Crimes – and Lizzie Borden

I'm pleased to welcome back author Chris Verstraete to Haunt Jaunts. This time we're one of the stops on her book blog tour. Chris, who also writes as C.A. Verstraete, has a new book releasing Tuesday September 13, 2016, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter. Poor Lizzie. "She took an axe and

“The Shadow Stalker” Trick or Treat Contest

To celebrate the release of Courtney's short horror story, The Shadow Stalker, we're giving away a few copies. If you'd like to enter for your chance to win a gifted copy, here's what to do: * Leave this comment below in either the entry form or as a comment on the post:

NBC Delivering “Rosemary’s Baby” Summer 2014

While I was watching Dateline on Friday night, a commercial for "Rosemary's Baby" caught my attention. Of course I had to go look that up. Turns out it will be a four-hour, two-part event based on the 1967 bestseller by Ira Levin. This adaptation was written by Scott Abbott ("Queen of

Penny Dreadful: New Horror Series Coming to Showtime

On Sunday May 11, 2014, Showtime will premier a new drama called Penny Dreadful. If you like Gothic Victorian horror and suspense this show will appeal to you too. (Yes, I have a penchant for that sort of thing myself.) From the Penny Dreadful page on Showtime, here's what the show

The Great Horror Campout

The other night I learned about a very novel and awesome sounding haunt jaunty attraction while watching TV with my husband: the Great Horror Campout. It was on Shark Tank of all things. Wayne was watching it. I was  half-paying attention as I played Angry Birds Friends. Until this lady walked