Eight Horror Movies to Start 2017

Happy New Year! I thought a fun way to kick off the New Year would be to look ahead at some of the horror movies coming out in 2017. There's going to be a lot of sequels and remakes, which I'll cover in another post. But there's also going to be a

Movie Monday Review: Nightmares in Red, White & Blue

I've had the documentary Nightmares in Red, White & Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film in my Netflix queue for months. I finally decided this was the perfect season to watch and review it. Glad I finally did. Sorry I waited so long. Nostalgic Horror Movies Trip I've loved horror movies

Suspicions Confirmed in Charlie Charlie Challenge

Last week the Charlie Charlie Challenge (#CharlieCharlieChallenge) swept the Internet. The second I saw it on the Today Show, I knew it'd make a great Forum and Facebook post. (Á la the question: Have you tried summoning Charlie the Mexican demon?) On Saturday afternoon, rain forced us home from the pool.

Movie Monday: Crimson Peak

I forget how I stumbled across the trailer for Crimson Peak, but some description of it including the following words: haunted, Gothic, atmospheric, and Guillermo del Toro. That's all it took to catch my eye. I of course clicked the link to watch. Oh wow. Crimson Peak looks chilling. Like The

Top 10 Darkest Characters In Film Infographic

Halloween may be over but Movie Monday must go on! Check out this cool infographic from The New York Film Academy detailing The Top 10 Darkest Characters in Film. Courtesy of: New York Film Academy   Keep in mind this is top 10 "dark" characters in film, not necessarily scary and evil. Although, they

Friday Fun: How Will You Die in a Horror Movie Quiz

Here's a fun quiz for some Halloween Friday Fun from the New York Film Academy: How Will You Die in a Horror Movie? I'm excited to announce I'm a survivor. I ended up with "You have Netflix and all is well." ROFLMAO. Yep, that should be my epitaph. Pretty much how I spend

Movie Monday: Housebound

Sometimes I get bored with standard viewing fare and watch movie previews on Flixster. That's how I discovered Housebound, an indie horror movie that looks promising. It looks scary, yet also appears to be laced with humor. (À la Shaun of the Dead. Except with ghosts instead of zombies.) It's set to

Horror Movies for Every Holiday?

The other night I was flipping through the horror movies in my Amazon Instant Video queue and came across one I'd forgotten I'd saved to my list: Thankskilling. It reminded me of something I'd thought when I'd first seen it: is it possible they now have a horror movie for every