Haunted Houses Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2017

Last year we listed Valentine's Day haunted houses, which proved pretty popular actually. (Hits-wise. It's the special post that gets any comments.) Anyway, we thought: "Why not do it again this year?" We meant to have it pulled together before now, but...well, "better late than never" seems to be our motto around

16 Haunted Attractions Open Friday January 13, 2017

Among the interesting things you should know about 2017's Friday the 13ths is that there are two of them. The first kicks off the New Year in January; the second takes place during Halloween season in October. Haunted houses of the Halloween variety will be in full swing during the October

The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

We're pleased to welcome back Harry Parsons from Arcadia Publishing with a seasonal guest post about the most haunted Halloween-style houses the U.S. has to offer. Of all the industries in the world, the Halloween industry is without a doubt one of the fastest growing. This has especially been the case

Haunted Attractions Open for Friday the 13th 2016

There is only one Friday the 13th in 2016 and it happens this Friday, May 13. Here's a list of haunted attractions that are open for your thrill-o'-tainment. Brighton Asylum - Passaic, NJ If you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), this haunted house is not for you. There will be clowns

Scream Break and St. Patrick’s Day Haunted Houses

April Fool's Day is coming but this is no joke. If you're hankering for some more seasonal haunted house openings, you've got 'em. Move over Valentine's Day. The banshees want in on some of the spooky fun. Here's a list of the Scream Break St. Patrick's Day haunted houses we've come

Valentine’s Day Haunted Houses 2016

Valentine's Day haunted houses. Luckily they're back again this year. And luckily so am I. This year I'm making sure to write about them! You see, I saw many Valentine's Day haunted houses advertised last year, but I never got around to writing about them. This year when the local news