The Rocking Chair

After having been cooped up during our tour, my muttinsky Elliott is happily tearing around in the sunshine with the light keeper’s dog.  They’re two black Lab blurs so similar that I call mine and end up with his. It’s a gorgeous spring day and I’m even more

Inspiration Comes From the Oddest Places

I love "Celebrity Ghost Stories".  There, I've said it. They don't try to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.  They are just well trained storytellers telling their ghost stories. I'm in heaven! Okay, okay -- the subtitle could more accurately be "Hollywood Sees Dead People" (which I totally ripped off from Saturday

Exercise the Spirits of 2009

No, I”m not missing the “O”.  I mean exercise.  Time to get you and your extended family of ghosts off your backs and butts and let in some fresh air. 2009 is on the way out.  2010 — which all signs point to being radically better than it’s former incarnation —

Super Light for Spectral Detection

Confession -- it's all about the day. Sunny day, everything is sharp. Cloudy day, everything is movie-set atmospheric. Either way, we win. Another confession -- It was this time of year when I got hooked on researching Wisconsin haunts. Night time chill didn't matter because we went