October 2016 Caption This Contest

Happy Halloween season!!! Before we get to the Caption This info and photo, let me tell you about what else we have going on around here this month. If you like contests and giveaways, be sure to stay tuned. We've got some great prizes and trophies we're going to be rewarding this

Invitation to Haunt Jaunts 2016 Halloween Party

Happy Halloween season! Besides our monthly Caption This Contests, we haven't done many contests or giveaways lately. And we haven't thrown a good-old fashioned online Halloween party around here in a loooong time. Halloween 2016 is the year we're going to change that! Collecting Goodies We've been thinking about this for many months now. Over

New at the Scareporium for Halloween 2015

Have you visited our Haunt Jaunts Halloween Scareporium lately? We sort of revamped it for Halloween 2015. Here's some of what you'll find: Updated Costumes After a slight site meltdown where 70% of our links went blank, we spent most of September refurbishing the Men's Costumes, Women's Costumes, and Couple's Costumes. (In addition

Who’s Hiring for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner. (Mercifully. The wait for this time of year to come back around is always torture.) Anyway, with it comes new job opportunities. Need work? Ever wanted to unleash your inner acting beast? Have a penchant for retail? Here's three places you might want to consider

HJ’s Fave Things Halfway to Halloween Giveaway

Guess what this time of year is? Halfway to Halloween time! Sounds like a great reason to have another giveaway to celebrate six years of Haunt Jaunts. I've chosen a few of my favorite things from our affiliates and listed them below. Here's how to enter: Look at the items below. Pick one. Use