Elgin’s Graveyards New and Improved Tours

Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, Illinois recently announced a new tour, Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive, and an improved one, Elgin Cemetery Ghost Hunt Van Tour. The new Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive is a three hour tour that meets at Bluff City Cemetery. They allow tour goers to

Haunt Jaunts Connects Travelers with Haunted Places in New Ways for 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Haunt Jaunts Connects Travelers with Haunted Places in New Ways for 2013 For the Halloween 2013 season (and beyond), visitors will find Haunt Jaunts has expanded its offerings to include listings of haunted hotels, ghost tours, and paranormal events. September 20, 2013: For the Halloween 2013 season, Haunt Jaunts, a

Haunted European Tours

While updating our Recommended Ghost Tours page today, I decided to include ghost tours from our affiliate, Viator. I had intended only to add ones for the United States, because I guess I figured that's all they'd have. To my delight, I found a bunch of haunted European tours too! Well,

Top Five Countries with the Best Paranormal Tourism

Where in the world are the hottest hot spots for paranormal tourism? Using sites like Ghost Tour Directory, Ghost Tours of Canada, and Ghost Tours pty Ltd's Australia, Europe and UK Listings from HJ's Find Real Haunted Places page, I researched which countries: Most actively promote their paranormal tourism (meaning which individual haunted places promote